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Rin Enzyme



Awarded Certificate of Patent (No.3806009, No.3896338&No.5295312)- improving hypertension, high blood lipid, preventing obesity, and cancer.


RIN Enzyme 525 ml, 1000 ml RIN Premium Enzyme 165g RIN Powder Enzyme 30 sachets


RIN Enzyme is a 100% pure natural and bioactive plant based metabolic and digestive enzyme imported from the Southern Kyushu island of Japan.


RIN Enzyme is a 100% pure and natural high quality plant based enzyme product imported from Japan. It is free from artificial chemicals, preservatives, alcohol, additives, colouring, and flavouring. RIN Enzyme is made from only the freshest vegetables, fruits, greens, grains, and seaweed that are in season to ensure that the enzymes contained are in the most active state. These raw ingredients are cleaned using well water pumped from 60 meters below the ground, thus eliminating the risk of contamination. We adopt an extraction method based on the theory of osmotic pressure to preserve all the nutrients in its original fluids to prevent it from being destroyed. This liquid is extracted and fermented slowly in a natural state. Biological fermentation takes place in casks made of cedar that are of 50-years of age. Containers with chemicals are never used to prevent harmful substances from dissolving into the enzymes. RIN is an age-old Japanese formulation that has withstood various stringent medical and scientific methods.
RIN Enzyme has been certified Halal from JAKIM. RIN Enzyme is distributed exclusively and brought to you by CareMark Sdn Bhd.


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