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Contact Person: Prakash
Contact Phone: 60122199122
Address: Kuala Lumpur-Damansara Heights Sanctuary@7, 7 Jalan Setiakasih 7, Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur
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Pet daddy


Pet Daddy is a movement towards healthy wholistic home-cooked dog-food that started mid 2013 when one of our principals started looking up meal alternatives on the web when he realised his 8+ year old Rhodesian Ridgebacks did not want to eat their dry food anymore. The first recipe met with huge success as not only were the dogs now eating their food with much enthusiasm but also were improving health wise and (THEY WERE MORE ACTIVE). He realised there was more to this and proceeded to band together with a Vet, a pet groomer and a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) practitioner - all dog lovers and all looking for the best food for their pets. Many meetings, DISCUSSIONS, RESEARCH PROJECTS and testing ACTIVITIES commenced and concluded resulting in 5 recipes comprising varied and important fresh food and natural supplements, scientifically and practically deduced and lovingly prepared.

The product soft launched in December 2013 and we have been getting positive feedback from clients. Pet Daddy's home-cooked meals ARE Vet approved/certified. We strive to feed your dog right, both nutritionally and calorie wise. All recipes are freshly cooked from 100% natural and fresh, human-grade ingredients and supplements. We test the food ourselves prior to feeding it to our pets. Yes, you can eat what your dog eats! Each meal serving is determined using ideal weight, age, breed and activity levels of the dog. We WORK EFFORTLESSLY in preparing the best meals and nutrition for each dog and also not forgetting to look into weight management if necessary. Pet Daddy gives your dog everything it needs to stay healthy and happy


Why Pet Daddy’s?

100% natural and fresh, human grade ingredients and supplements

Ingredients cooked separately to optimise canine digestion and hygienic measures

Human and dog tasted and tested with emphasis on dogs reaction, health and weight

Calorie centric and different recipes with servings determined using ideal weight, age, breed, and activity levels facilitate better meals, nutrition and weight management

Vet approved/certified. For your convenience, Pet Daddy is now doing delivery in Damansara Heights, if you are staying in other areas, you may pick up the food in a weekly basis

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