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8 Stunning Waterfalls @ Selangor


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2015-09-01 15:51:49



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8 Stunning Waterfalls @ Selangor


There are couple of things on earth that blow your mind entirely, one of them is the waterfall. Explore the excellence of waterfalls surrounded in Selangor area. Below I've selected eight of Selangor's most incredible waterfalls for your viewing pleasure.


8. Templer Park Falls 



Near to Kanching Falls. A popular picnic area for local and tourist. it can be especially crowded during weekends. Lots of monkeys in the forest here.


Location : Inside Templer Park, off the road KL-Rawang


7. Tekala Fall 



Crystal clear water are the main attractions here. There were two tiered waterfalls. Its well maintained by the management. This is one of the attractable waterfall in Selangor.


Location : Near the Semenyih Dam


6. Sungei Tua Falls 



Can see the nice view of waterfall alongside the road. Good place for picnic and camping as they provide recreational park on the other side.


Location : Jalan Sungai Tua, Ulu Yam (Between Selayang and Ulu Yam)


5. Perdik Fall 




Many people didn't know well about this hidden waterfall. But actually this is an ideal location for picnic and mostly for trekking.


Location : Batu 19 3/4 Ulu Perdik, 43100 Hulu Langat


4. Sendat Falls 



There are total 3 tiers of waterfall in Sendat falls. The first tier is the suitable one for family and children. The second and third tier is quite challenging. Good place for picnic, swimming, and trekking.


Location : Ulu Yam Baharu


3. Komanwel Fall 



This is a less known waterfall in Selangor are. Small waterfall in quiet surroundings. It mostly focused on recreational activities. They provide accommodations for visitors who wish to stay there for a night.


Location : Jalan Kuala Lumpur - Rawang ( Opposite Hutan Lipur Kanching )


2. The Kanching Falls 



Is a popular tourist destination in Kuala Lumpur. The waterfalls consist of seven tiers. The lower part is suitable for families. Most popular of all of the waterfalls is the 3rd tier. If you wanted to know where the river starts, you should go to the last tier (7th tier). Good for swimming and picnic.


Location : Between Selayang and Rawang


1. Gabai Falls 



This is one of the closest waterfalls to Kuala Lumpur and therefore one of the most popular. Suitable for all ages. Easily gets crowded because of the popularity. Best to visit on morning to avoid crowd. They were so many huge rock, so careful while enjoying your swim. If can try to bath at the upper falls because of less crowd and more clean water.


Location : Hulu Langat


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