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Types of Camping Tents That Traveller Must Know


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2016-06-01 12:10:36



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Types of Camping Tents That Traveller Must Know



If you are a first time traveller, it is very important for you to know the types of camping tents so you can choose the right tent according to your needs and environment of the camping area. I would like to show you the types of tent to help you to make best choice. But before that, it is very important to keep in mind of few things as below.


Should be enough for number of people are camping with you. Enough to store up your camping gears and accessories.


Canvas is durable but heavy. Nylon more lighter but suitable for calm conditions. Polyester is good for long hours in sunny conditions.

Weather conditions

Choose right tent that suited to the weather that you might face. 100% waterproof with a rain-fly that offers total coverage.


A strong tent will be invaluable against strong winds and other conditions. Strong tent poles, high quality pegs and secured fastenings will help. Pick a tent with double sewn seams for overall durability.


Can you easily pitch your tent or you need help from your camping mates?

Now, let’s check out the types of camping tents and hope it helps you to make the right choice of tent.

Traditional A-Frame Tents

traditional a frame tent.jpg

A-frame tents are your typical ‘A’ shaped tents when erected. They are lightweight by themselves but have an added tarp for extra weather protection. However, they can be a little heavier to carry around. Inside they aren’t very spacious due to the steep sloping sides. They are a simple shelter but are not very sturdy in strong winds. Typically, these tents consist of two poles at each end to form an apex with a single ridgepole running down the center.

Image source : Amazon

Tunnel Tents

tunnel tent.jpg

Tunnel tents provide excellent stability if pitched end-on to oncoming winds. However, when they are pitched the other way, they are much less stable. Typically made up of two or more poles running the width of the structure, this shape makes for much better interior space and head room. Overall strength and durability varies from tent to tent, based on quality of materials, sizes and tent poles.

Image source :

Hoop Tents

hoop tent.jpg

Hoop tents have curved poles at either end to help retain shape and stability. Guy ropes need to be tied with pegs, staked carefully for optimum pitching. Typically, they are made up of three arched frames for spacious interior areas and head room. The benefit of this shape is that snow and water can simply slide off. Make sure to support any fabrics because if they are not staked down properly, they will rattle and flap in the wind. This type of tent is the lightest and most compact packing tent on the market.

Image source :

Dome Tents

Dome tent994.jpg

Dome tents are most popular among family and group campers. Typically made up of two or three poles passing each other across the center of the roof, these tents provide spacious living areas, great head room and sometimes the ability to have separate rooms and porches to store gear and equipment. They are easy to pitch, stable and can handle conditions such as snow much better than other styles. Dome tents are usually free standing, so you can move them around while erected, which can come in handy in time of events like weather or wind direction changes.

Bivy Tents


A bivouac sack (also known as a bivy, bivvy, or bivi) is an extremely small, lightweight, waterproof shelter, and an alternative to traditional tent systems. It is used by climbers,mountaineers, hikers, ultralight backpackers, soldiers and minimalist campers.The bivouac sack has a larger, similar counterpart, called a bivouac shelter.

Image source :

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