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Let us take the time machine to enter the time tunnel [Cameron] Looking childhood memories


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2016-05-06 12:19:03



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Let us take the time machine to enter the time tunnel [Cameron] Looking childhood memories


Go to Cameron, except everyone is familiar with the Strawberry Park, lavender, night markets, greatly accelerates this recommendation a very worthwhile place to go - Cameron time tunnel. That there are more than 1000 kinds of classic exhibition of antique items, everything is 90s nostalgia items. Some look very familiar, for some 90 later said very strange. Here you can find the collection or the childhood played small items, like maybe even walking small series to share with people around the childhood memories of it!



This is a time tunnel charges, but charges quite cheap, adults only RM5, while the kids are only RM3. Into the trip, you will find it is really value for money! Because memories are with money can not buy



Some see this kind of cow milk cans will feel familiar, think about it, eh ...... This is a small series of a child to drink cow milk packaging it! And that is a thermal pot small series of child's mother used to install hot water.



These bottles reminds me of my old school days. I used to pick a bottle and just drink it. Now, it is quite hard to find these kind of bottles.



This is a child, I loved playing with small series of small items and favorite candy blanket! Remember a little confused when a child playing this article are pieces of paper all over the floor, my mother often scolded earthshaking. But now these small items are changing with the times and gone, people really miss ah. This should also be part of many people's childhood memories chant!








Almost filled museum old super dense, super-classic antique items! Both large and small antique items can be seen here, including vinyl records, old barber shop (with the current Indian barber shop somewhat similar), old small stalls, lamp, black old TV, old bowl Singles and so on, can all be seen here! Really too classic.


This is the classic calendar! Although there is a similar calendar, but you have found that it is different from the calendar now do?





From one arrangement to each item, you can see the boss's intentions. Today to find this really hard to antiques, which I think the hardest part is vinyl, because this thing in a small series of the year no one in use, and to find it should surely need to find a lot of information to be able to bring it to the time tunnel to let people find the same memories. In this boss I had to give a big praise!



In addition, the tunnel also provided scenes let you take pictures of the scene oh! Not only can come here looking for memories, but also shoot a bundle of beautiful photos both retro home slowly appreciate it


In addition there are many here filled our childhood memories, but there are also many of us are very strange things. And this is precisely the part of some of our elderly parents or their memories. When available, you may also wish to take his family to come here to take a time machine with a time tunnel into the past to find memories.

[Cameron Highlands Time Tunnel Time Tunnel Museum]

Address: UT / MR / F-255, Jalan Sungai Burong, 39100 Brinchang Cameron Highlands.

Hours: 9 am-6pm

Official website: Time the Tunnel

Getting Tickets:

Adults: RM5

Children: RM3

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