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Gunung Stong State Park ~ spectacular sunrise and stimulating activities for you to challenge!


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Travel: Travel|Kelantan|Dabong
Address: Dabong Forest Reserve, Kelantan, 18200, Dabong, Kelantan, Malaysia
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Gunung Stong State Park ~ spectacular sunrise and stimulating activities for you to challenge!



Gunung Stong State Park stacked mountains, has a wealth of eco-tourism value, so many people have access to outdoor tourism of all kinds of challenges, excitement and activity, even in this camping and mountain climbing, climb the highest peak in the most beautiful place you can enjoy the sunrise up!


Mountain State Park Gunung Stong State Park across the forest, with a total area of 21,950 hectares, many more mountains. Park is extremely beautiful scenery, one of the highest waterfalls in Malaysia - seven Rila Hope Falls Jelawang Waterfall.



On the way to Gunung Stong Park, may wish to Baogao ledge Bogo Rock Shelter see, this is a formula for the construction of the cave to rest, walking four hours away.


Park several overlapping peaks, has many adventure activities, is in love with nature and a variety of outdoor activities are the ideal place for tourists. Park is not only a major eco-tourism value, but close contact with a variety of rare animals and plants perfect place.


Park or various animals thrive in heaven, Asian elephant, Malay bison, pheasant male giant eye, Malay tiger, serow and tapir and other exotic animals in the forest here leisurely stroll. Biodiversity Park distinctive, fun, as long as the guidance of an experienced guide ring, can learn more biological knowledge



In addition, the park's highest peak elevation of 1504 m mountain chicken Gunung Ayam, is the view of the sunrise, sunset tours ideal.



Some people will choose to come here climbing camp, then at 6:00 the next morning would get up, stay awake waiting for the dawn. When the sun rises, no matter how tired you are, or you swear never again this crazy trek climbing, but everything will soon forget about, because the amazing sunrise so beautiful!



Outlook After sunrise, and everybody can go to town Dabong uncle limestone cave has 225 million years of history, is the habitat of various bat, local balsam trees and other rare plants also thrive here. This trip biological trip is definitely interested in outdoor activities and biological ideal place of people!


Address: Dabong Forest Reserve, Kelantan, 18200, Dabong, Kelantan, Malaysia

Inquiry hotline: + 609-7482140

How to get to Gunung Stong State Park

Drive to: into the north-south road from Kuala Lumpur, was traveling north in Kuala Kangsar Kuala Kangsar exit. Then, towards the direction of travel in Gerik Gerik, after arriving with something along the road to Asahi in Jeli. In Japan, the number 66 along the road towards the town of Dabong uncle traveling. In addition, you can also in Kuala Lumpur into the East Coast Road East Coast Expressway, Zhao Wen winter Bentong traveling. Upon arrival Bentong, along with 8-way to Gua Musang Gua Musang, into the No. D29 road toward town with uncle.

By train

From KL Sentral KL Sentral Station aboard bound for Kota Bharu Kota Bharu northbound express, including through the town, including the uncle of several small towns. Uncle in the town of La Dabong way across the river with disabilities Sungei Galas, and Asahi pull hope Jelawang traveling, travel is only 3 km away.


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