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Islands In Malaysia That You Do Not Know


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2016-04-28 09:34:02



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Islands In Malaysia That You Do Not Know



Malaysia referred to the beach, in addition to Port Dickson, Morib and Cherating, you will think which one? It seems to have few, right? That's because we did not take to study ah! In fact, there are many beach allows us to breathe in the sea breeze and the weekend kite-flying friends, even if do not want anything to stay on the beach to see the distance, it is a very comfortable ~


Senok Beach

Senok Beach located within the range of Kota Bharu, Kelantan is a very beautiful beach, where it is quiet, not many people, but it is because of this created a character and precious. In the absence of pollution, so the water looks clean and is more than the average seawater. Locals know this beach, some will choose to come here to shoot the wedding, and even fishing it!

Location: 16020 Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia


Cahaya Bulan Beach

It is understood that prior to Moonlight Beach is called "Love Beach Pantai Cinta Berahi", only to change it later as "Moonlight Beach." Perhaps the advantage of its geographical location, it has become one of the beach to the Kelantan people's favorite weekend. Although there is no invincible beach. But leisurely at the beach blowing sea breeze, watching the sea, so that the bottom of the Rhine touch your heart, or will not help people relax.

Location: Jalan Pantai Cahaya Bulan, Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia


Bukit Keluang Beach

This beautiful beach is located in Terengganu, along the edge of the cliff a wooden walkway, so you standing height enjoy the sea breeze and enjoy the beautiful sea, along the way you can see day and night by the sea erosion dodge and 141-meter-high hill, will panoramic view of the South China Sea beauty.

Location: Pantai Peranginan Bukit Keluang, 22200 Besut, Terengganu Malaysia.


Batu Buruk Beach

This should be the most popular beach of Terengganu, and has a wide variety of activities, equipment is perfect, and a lot more 3-star hostel nearby, can be said to contain a drink elements.

Walk along the beautiful beaches, it is among the cultural center, where the market was held cultural performances. In addition, there are also swimming pools nearby, hockey rink, bowling alley, soccer field, children's playground and garden, etc., can be said to be everything.

Location: Jln Pantai Batu Buruk, 20400 Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia


Rantau Abang Beach

This is one of the most famous beaches of Terengganu, is the most common turtle infested beaches, especially the annual 5 - 8 month period, a large number of leatherback turtles come to lay their eggs on the beach, it is one of the strange landscape that can not be missed! Here it boasts miles of sandy beaches, foil casuarina trees neatly arranged in the coastal zone, swaying. The sea here is perfect for swimming, but also for beach volleyball, picnic on the beach, kite flying and camping.

Location: Rantau Abang, Rantau Abang 23050, Malaysia


Penarik Beach

Weekend Penarik Beach walk is a pleasant thing, along the way, you can see there are coconut trees covered the road, here and there you can see the Malay Village, go there already feel a deep sense of the weekend.

Location: Kampung Penarik, Permaisuri, Terengganu, Malaysia


Tanjung Jara Beach

This beach is located in Kuala Dungun, it has turquoise waters, golden beaches, comfortable sea breeze unforgettable. Here the crowd is relatively small, you simply live in a 5-star vacation home to enjoy a rare quiet holiday. Maritime activities include sailing, boating, kayaking, snorkeling and scuba diving. In addition, every year from May to September, but also a chance to see turtles lay their eggs.

Location: Kuala Dungun, Terrengganu, 23000, Dungun, Terengganu, Malaysia


Puteri Beach

Puteri Beach Melaka is the only remaining urban nature beach on weekends or holidays ethnic groups go swimming, picnic or play, enjoy the washing of nature. Adults and children afraid of strong sunlight, jumped into the sea to enjoy swimming or playing in the water; it was also sitting in the sea together with the integrated nature, relive childhood joy.

At the same time, there is a size ready for food, straw mats laid in the shade and sit, chat while enjoying prepared food, enjoy the sun, sea water and the beauty of the beach.

Location: Pantai Puteri, Mukim Tanjung Kling, Daerah Melaka Tengah ,, 76400 Malacca, Malaysia


Konek Beach

Pulau Konek "image", it seems to be interposed between the beach and the island is at high tide, this island as the island-like isolation in the sand on the other side; once at low tide, there was a walkway, so we can move towards the island, very special.

Special mention is the seafood here is particularly rich, even in shallow water, it is very easy to find clam shell type creatures, so occasionally see groups of students followed the teacher to find such creatures, extra-curricular knowledge to learn it ~

Location: Pulau Konek, 78200, Malacca, Malaysia


Kundur Beach

Malacca Kundur small fishing village has a quiet beach,, locals often used here to swim and picnic on the beach, playing in the sea, is a one weekend a good place to enjoy their grandchildren.

Suggest that you select in the evening to Pantai Kundur, Malacca since the sea is west, so watch and enjoy the beautiful sunset, people really put down trouble viewing what a beautiful sunset, the body will feel the contact with nature. And sometimes lucky, you can still see the sea and the sun goes down as one oh!

Location: Kampung Pantai Kundor, Tanjong Kling, Melaka, Malaysia


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