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Amazing Landscape Of Desert Look-aLike Shore @ Pantai Klebang Malacca


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2016-07-01 14:45:21



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Travel: Travel|Malacca|Tanjong Kling
Address: Malacca, Malaysia
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Amazing Landscape Of Desert Look-aLike Shore @ Pantai Klebang Malacca



Malacca, also known as "The Historic State" is one of the oldest cities in the straits of Malacca. If you planned to go for a vacation at Malacca, Pantai Klebang is a must visit place in the city. It's one of a popular spot for the visitors to experience an outstanding seaside retreat.


Interesting attractions at Pantai Klebang :


Pony riding, Kite flying, Picnic



Many visitors came here to spend quality times with their families mostly on the weekends by doing a picnic and enjoy pony ride with their loved ones. Childrens have a good time by playing the kites, a few adults goes along with them.


Desert look-alike



This is the most interesting attraction at Pantai Klebang. Around the beach, you can see a heap of sand and if photographed it from a specific angle, it's exactly looks like a desert in the Egypt. Most visitors who came to visit this place is just wanted to take photos for fun or planned 'photoshoot' as a wedding memory.


Pantai Klebang original coconut shake



You can never had a coconut shake like this anywhere. It's tastes good, freshly made and a perfect drink for a hot sunny day.


Submarine museum



The first and only Submarine Museum in Malaysia to the public for viewing. It will be the best experience for those who has not been inside of a submarine before.





One of the newest attraction in Malacca. It's a new concept that uses 40 unused buses recycled and converted into a restaurant and accommodation. Also available with wash room.


As a conclusion, Pantai Klebang, Malacca is one the ideal spot to explore with your loved ones and will dependably be a memory.


*Photo source : caridestinasi.com , audraroslani.com


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