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The Memory Of 120 Years Old Lane - Ipoh Concubine Lane


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2016-02-03 11:54:38



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The Memory Of 120 Years Old Lane - Ipoh Concubine Lane


The Memory Of 120 Years Old Lane - Ipoh Concubine Lane


Many of us know Ipoh is one of a popular destination for the foods and original white coffee, which are hard to find anywhere else. But do you know that there was an area named Concubine Lane? You might think that the lane name is weird. Scroll down to know the rich and interesting history of the infamous Concubine Lane.



Photo Credit to : https://www.facebook.com/Concubine-Lane-Panglima-Lane (Ms Cheng)

Concubine Lane is a small lane located off Jalan Bandar Timah (Leech Street) in Ipoh. Along with Hale Lane and Market Lane.


Lorong Panglima (Panglima Lane), or better known locally as Concubine Lane (or Yi Lai Hong in Cantonese) is a narrow, uneven path, in Old Town Ipoh, believed to have been established in 1908. Concubine Lane became a residential area where many rich Chinese magnate and British officers were supposed to have kept their concubines and mistresses in the townhouse there. I think now you would know why the area is called as "Concubine Land".


Photo Credit to : https://www.facebook.com/Concubine-Lane-Panglima-Lane (Ms Cheng)


Other than that, this area is also infamous for gambling, opium and prostitutes. After Malaysia gained independence in 1957, all the British officers left to their countries, leaving behind many historical buildings and colonial structures.


Photo Credit to : https://www.facebook.com/Concubine-Lane-Panglima-Lane (Ms Cheng)


After some long ages, houses here are in advanced stages of disrepair. Some houses are overtaken by vegetation. Although somewhere, somehow, half a million Ringgit is being pumped to spiff up Concubine Lane. Now it's become as one of the favorite tourist spots in Ipoh.




Photo Credit to : https://www.facebook.com/Concubine-Lane-Panglima-Lane (Ms Cheng)


Concubine Lane are safe to public now. Well conserved , preserved and restored, where the shops lots are now occupied by food stalls and other sales outlets.


People will be able to walk freely and encourage more people to visit the area to enjoy the culinary delights and other attractions. Concubine Lane might be the next major tourist attraction in the Ipoh city.


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