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Enjoy The Wonder Of Black Sand Beach Langkawi


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Enjoy The Wonder Of Black Sand Beach Langkawi


Enjoy The Wonder Of Black Sand Beach Langkawi


Black Sand Beach in Langkawi is one of the Langkawi's beauty that can't be found in other states of Malaysia. Located about 20 km from the town of Kuah. Black Sand Beach in Langkawi is absolutely calm and quiet.




The mixture of main mineral sands like tourmaline, zircon and ilmenite makes the sand of this beach into black. The mineral substances are said to be originated from the nearby Gunung Raya. These minerals are run down by the spring water from the mountain and cause the color of sand to turn black.


There are many stories that explain why the sand is black here. Some popular mythological legend says that a Garuda has kidnapped a beautiful chinese princess with a romantic intention. Then her beloved fiance Roman prince battles with the garuda to save the princess. The war was extended to the langkawi island and today it believed to be the remnants of the war.

Some said its because of a curse laid by a mermaid who was angry at a fisherman for stealing her ring.This myth has been told over the past few generations ago. However, the validity of this story is difficult to identify.


Not the whole beach has black sand, but in groups and certain places only.


Although not many people are bathing and recreation on the Black Sand Beach, but uniqueness of the black sand attracts visitors who want to see the black sand.


There are also food stalls, children's playground and souvenir shops to attract more visitors to this place.



Visitors can also get a souvenirs of the black sand that sold in small bottles like this.


Dark Sand Beach and the complex is a decent place for the families with children. While other than the blackish sand there is very little water activities but, it is definitely worth a visit.


Location : Pantai Pasir Hitam, Air Hangat, Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia, 07000, Malaysia


Black Sand Beach is located on the road Jalan Teluk Yu on the northern shoreline of Langkawi. It is about 20kms from Kuah Town. You can come to the beach by a taxi or rented car.

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