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Historic Fort Margherita


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Historic Fort Margherita


Sarawak has many historical sites, and one of them are the Fort Margherita. Ever heard before ? Yeah I know some only known about this hictoric spot. Even me just had to know about this. Let's have short review of ancient Fort Margherita.


Margherita fort was build in year 1878 and accomplished in 1879. Fort Margherita was constructed by Charles Brooks, that is the second of the three white Rajahs, it was named after his wife. The fort was based on a knoll facing the Sarawak River to be a primary protection of Kuching from indigenous peoples like pirates.



This fortress is build in rectangular shaped by using plastered bricks. Overall it has 3 levels where ground floor are for control and custody. 1st and 2nd floor as a residential for the militaries. While the roof is a control centre. The towers ladder is more higher than the roof because it lets the guards to have a longer view distances.




As a result of terrific attacks from the pirates and native populations, this fortress was enlarged in 1934 by building a high wall which is connected to the original building.

In 1932, the fort was used as a central Sarawak Rangers. The fort was also used as a base for the Japanese military in 1941. As the building has high of historical value, in 1971 it was listed as Historic Buildings Sarawak under the Antiquities Ordinance (Ordinance Sarawak Heritage City, 1993).

Now it is maintained by the Sarawak Museum by repainted and cleaned. It becomes as one of the most interesting tourist attaraction in Kuching. Fort Margherita offers good views of Kuching and the Sarawak River.

How to get there : 

You need to take a sampan boat from the waterfronts. There is no admission fee charged to enter the Fort Margherita.

Location - 93050 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

Opens from 9.00am to 4.45pm on weekdays
Opens from 10.00am to 4.00pm on weekends/public holidays

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