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The Professionals of Fishball @ Tanjung Sepat Fish Ball Noodle


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2015-11-03 16:49:35



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Shop Name:
Area: Kuala Lumpur- Sri Petaling
Address: 11.Jalan Radin Bagus, Bandar Baru Sri petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur.
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  • Halal:
  • Telephone Number: 019-2217533
  • Business Hours:
  • Price: 15.0
  • Recommended Dishes: Fishing Float+Fish Ball Soup, Fried Fish
  • WebSite:
  • Contact Person: K.C Lim
  • WebSite:
  • Facebook:
  • Instagram:

The Professionals of Fishball @ Tanjung Sepat Fish Ball Noodle


The Professionals of Fishball @ Tanjung Sepat Fish Ball Noodle




Everyone knows that Kuala Tanjung Sepat is a popular spot for seafoods such as crabs, fish, squid and prawns are that offered with varieties of cooking style. Because of the reason by far, many people didn't go to that place. Now no longer you need to spend hours of drive to go there, “Tanjung Sepat Fish Ball Noodle”, a similar shape to Kuala Tanjung Sepat has open for business in Kuala Lumpur now.

They made trip for every 2 days per week to make the purchases at Tanjung Sepat. Even they aren’t providing fresh items, but they make sure their ingredients are absolutely fresh that adds the extraordinary taste to the foods.

The Restaurant Design





Since its a new restaurant in the town, they didn't provide many tables, but the management said that it would be expanded in order to cope with the increasing diners. The overall design is simple yet nice and comfortable.


Let's have a look on the dishes that i had ...


Fishing Float+Fish Ball Soup





These fishing float and fish ball soup is a must try dish. The soup is made from chicken and pork, however the pork will be cooked for eight hours first by using special ingredients before adding it together with the chicken in the soup. The soup is not added with any MSG or flavors, it's just done by using own signature ingredients. It's one of the recommended dishes in this restaurant. Worth trying!


Fish Ball Lor Mee (RM7.80)




It like eating a mee with kicap, can also tell as “Hokkien Mee”. Fish ball lor mee is a combination of big mee (that used for hokkien mee) with eggs, fish balls and some special sauces. The mee is chewable because the softness of mee and not too sticky.


Signature Pork Knuckle Rice (RM12.80)




This is their signature dish, Pork Knuckle Rice which is served together with rice. The pork is marinated with special sauces first before cook to get an outstanding taste. The rice is served to make a perfect combination with this dish.


Hometown Rendang Drumstick Rice (RM8.80)




This dish has impressed me well. The rendang chicken is simply superb to had together with fragrant rice and fried egg. Not too spicy, not too salty, it's really satisfying. Highly recommended.


Fried fish meat (RM 10)




Not too crispy when bite, perfectly fried. It's not a main dish, it's a snack or can be called as side dishes.


Fried Sotong (RM 12)




Squid lovers may addict to this snack.


Fried Fish Ball (RM10)




Nothing special about this fried fish balls, but still tastes good.


They have one special chilli paste (unfortunately forget to take photo), which need to add together with the all dish and snack to make it more delicious. As said by the owner, it's their own made chilli paste/sauce and doesn't contains any preservatives.


Passion Fruits Juice




Passion Fruits Juice has a great sweet and tangy flavor. The seed of the fruit is good for the health like detoxification beauty and with a variety of nutrition and efficacy, depth cleanup mechanism, decreases the cause of cancer and blood pressures, etc. But make sure you bite the seed instead of swallow.




Overall, this is a quiet and peaceful place to spend your time while having some good meals and drinks. Visitors can try the varieties of fish dishes, as well as side dishes, and the diners haven't needed to drive for hours to Tanjung Sepat after this. :D


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