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Top 10 Malaysian Favourite Foods that You have to Try!


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2015-09-11 16:45:17



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Top 10 Malaysian Favourite Foods that You have to Try!


Top 10 Malaysian Favourite Foods that You have to Try!


Malaysia are rich with all kinds of foods that satisfied  our soul and body. Since Malaysia are multi-racial country, we have food from Malay, Chinese, Indian and Others. The most common foods that we always hear and eat such as nasi lemak, roti canai, karipap and apam balik. I have traveled all around Malaysia to try the foods and it is so hard to choose the best Malaysian Food! So, I came out with my top ten Malaysian foods to die for.



Roti Canai




Roti Canai, the most common breakfast food among malaysians. It is made with dough like bread and dipped it into delicious curry like dal curry, chicken curry, fish curry and sambal. With add-ons like Teh tarik, it is a perfect breakfast!



Nasi Lemak




I am sure everyone in Malaysia knows “Nasi Lemak”. You can find nasi lemak stall in every corner of Malaysia. Nasi Lemak consists of cucumber, rice, nuts, half hard egg and anchovies. Plus, hot and spicy sambal is added on. We also can add fried chicken, fried egg or sambal prawns.



Char Kuey Teow


char-kuey-teow chef obie.jpg


Char Kuey Teow is mixed of stir fried noodles with any choice of meat like prawns or small pieces of chicken and dark soy sauce is added to increase the flavour. So Yummy! You can find it any normal malaysian restaurants or stalls.



Mixed Rice (Nasi Campur)




Mixed Rice or “Nasi Campur” is one of the famous food during lunch time. So many dishes that we can choose to eat with rice or without rice. You can find it malay or indian restaurant.



Ice Cendol




Ice cendol is a cold dessert that is a simpler variation of the popular ice kacang. The signature ingredient is the green coloured cendol, made from rice flour and green colouring from pandan leaves (screwpine). The cendol is served in noodle-like strings, and are often referred to, particularly by children, as “green worms”.


With the same base of shaved ice as ice kacang or ABC, cendol dessert is a sweet combination of cendol, gula melaka (coconut sugar), evaporated milk and red beans. On its own, the cendol is tasteless but its chewy texture (from the rice flour) and mild pandan fragrance brings uniqueness to this simple dessert.


It is often ordered along with other food so that by the time the main meal is consumed, the ice of the cendol would have melted nicely to dilute the concentrated sweetness of the dessert to just the right level of sugary heaven.


In some food outlets and coffee shops, cendol is served in a tall glass mug and the challenge of slurping up the “worms” through a straw and enjoying the chewy reward becomes part of the fun and experience of having cendol.








Satay is a dish of seasoned and grilled meat. The meat can be from chicken, cow, mutton and pork.  It is grilled by using charcoal as fire source. You can find it during night market or restaurant.



Banana Leaf Rice




Banana Leaf Rice is famous Indian lunch in Malaysia. Every Indian restaurants serves banana leaf rice. As you can see the picture above, there are variety of side dish with rice that are served on banana leaf. Side dishes such as fried vegetables, salad, yogurt, fried fish or chicken and many more. It is all up to you which side dish you like. After you eat full set of banana leaf rice, you will be so full but at the same time satisfied.



Pisang Goreng




Pisang Goreng is Malaysian favourite snack during tea time. Banana is coated with flour and then dipped fried in oil. Pisang Goreng and hot tea...what do i say about this combination!



Chicken Rice




My most favourite food, Chicken Rice. Normally, you find chicken rice at chinese restaurant. But, other restaurants sells chicken rice food as now it is quite famous among Malaysian.



Apam Balik




Apam Balik or also known as Martabak Manis, Terang Bulan or Apam Pulau Pinang is a type of pancake that is quite common in Malaysia. You can always buy apam balik from morning or night market. Maybe, some stalls sells during the day. There are many types of flavour that are used as the fillings such as peanut granules (most common filling), chocolate, Blueberry and more.


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