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10 Snacks That All Malaysians Love


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2015-09-01 12:42:44



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10 Snacks That All Malaysians Love


10 Snacks That All Malaysians Love


We as Malaysian loves to eat snack in between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner or maybe after dinner. There are so many snack in Malaysia but I believed that there 10 most favourite snacks among Malaysians.


Pisang Goreng


Many of us love to eat Pisang Goreng especially during breakfast and teatime. You can find every corner of Malaysia sells pisang goreng.




Choki Choki


Choki Choki is my all time favourite. I love this since childhood until now. I am sure there are a lot of Malaysian loves this snack. You can eat it anytime and anywhere.




Mamee Monster


Children loves to eat mamee monster snack. Normally, you find children buying from stalls or shops after school. While waiting for school bus, they will munch.



Ice Cream Potong


Ice Cream Potong is one of the oldest and famous ice cream in Malaysia. The most favourite flavours are Red Bean, Durian, Corn and Yam. You can find it at provision shops. Ice Cream Potong has been updated according to time but still maintain the original “Potong” design.



Roti Ice Cream


Roti Ice Cream or Bread with Ice Cream is quite common snack in Malaysia especially during hot weather. It is normally sell by ice cream man.



That biscuit-with-the-sweet-thing-on-top.



This snacks brings back my childhood memories. I used to buy a big pack of this biscuits from night market. I am sure many of you have the same memories. I still buy once in a while.


Haw Flakes


Many Malaysians loves Haw Flakes. You can eat it anytime and anywhere. Mostly, children loves to eat this all the time.





The most colourful chocolate snack. It is one of my favourite during my childhood. But now, i will buy this snack once in the while because too much of smarties will cause tooth pain. This snack is quite famous in Malaysia.



Durian Popcorn



This snack is quite cheap and tasty. It is created some time ago and it is still one of the Malaysian favourite snacks of all time.




Rojak is one of the most favourite snack especially after lunch time. It is mixed with fruits and nuts. Plus, the delicious sauce is added on top of it.



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