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Precious Old China Restaurant & Bar @ Central Market


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2015-08-05 11:15:34



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Area: Kuala Lumpur- City Centre
Address: Lot M2, Central Market, Jalan Hang Kasturi, 50050, KL
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  • Telephone Number: 03-22737372
  • Business Hours:
  • Price: 20.0
  • Recommended Dishes: Assam Fish Fillet,Nyonya Rendang Chicken
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  • Contact Person: Outlet PIC
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Precious Old China Restaurant & Bar @ Central Market


Located in Kuala Lumpur’s Central Market, Precious Old China restaurant & bar offers a quaint dining experience amidst Malaysian antiques and vintage Colonial furniture.


This restaurant is run by the same operators of the popular Old China Café in the heart of Chinatown, nearby Central Market.


It is apparent that “Precious” refers to the cultural heritage of the Chinese community and a way of life that is slowly but surely disappearing.





Stepping through the 2.6m (8½ ft) high Art Deco chengal hardwood doors, one is drawn to the 4.9m (16ft) long and 107cm (42inch) high chengal bar counter. This counter is matched with three teak cabinets that spans a total of 4.9m in length and rises 2.6m high.






Other decorative features include the folding glass-panels of a private dining room that resemble a jewel box. Sourced from Guangzhou, the panels were salvaged from a grand house.










There are three sections for dining. The first section is opposite the bar counter where old marble-top tables and bentwood chairs beckon. In the third section, which is the main dining hall you have to step through a portal of decorative panels




Pie Tee or also know as “Top Hat” is the signature appetiser of the cafe which is recommended by the chef. Its looked like crispy little hat-shaped cones made of rice flour to be filled with minced chickens, sweet tumip, carrots and green beans. Its served together with the chilli sauce to make it more savory.


collage-2015-08-05 (1).jpg


This restaurants starter dish is quite different from others. Before starting to eat the appetiser, there are some few step need to be done. Firts of all, We need to filled in the Pie Tee which shaped like little hat cones with "Ju Hu Char" its penang unique delicacy. After that, apply some chilli sauce on top of the Ju Hu Char. Then the third step is adding a few amount of omelette on top of the sauce. And lastly add on top of the omelette some coriander leaves to make the dish looks more attractive ! And its ready to eat. This is something new and everyone should try this appetiser.

Price : RM9.80

Rating : 8/10




Sour Sop Juice  Lovely sour sop juice that made from soursop fruit. It would chill your day !

Price : RM6.90

Rating : 8/10




Nyonya Rendang Chicken - The chicken is cooked in a traditional way using spicy gravy with coconut cream, roasted coconut gratings & malay herbs. Sound’s good !

Price : RM19.80

Rating : 7/10




Coconut Rice - The rice cooked with coconut cream and tinged blue with essence of pea-flower also known as “Bunga Tenang”. Yeah, its something new and interesting. Everyone should try this.

Price : RM1.90

Rating : 7/10




Assam Fish Fillet - “John Dory” is a type of white saltwater fish that is used to this dish. The fillet is steamed and served with a “tangy” tamarind sauce. This is one of my favourite dish that i had in the restaurant. Yummy !!

Price : RM22.80

Rating : 8.5/10




Pucuk Paku Kerabu - Fiddle head fern blanched and tossed in an aromatic and spicy mix of chilli, onion, lime leaf, ginger flower, dried shrimp and lime juice. It can be eaten as a salad or vegetable dish.

Price : RM12.80

Rating : 6/10




Santan Durian - The combination of durian pulp with coconut cream would made your day. For those durian lovers, this will be your favourite dessert while having this you can taste the pure durian flavour inside it. Craving right ?

Price : RM13.90

Rating : 8/10


Conclusion - Precious Old China Cafe in Central Market is definitely one of the very precious restaurants boosting with its own unique dining environment that brings you back to the olden days.


Food is not just to eat, but a culture - Precious Old China Restaurant & Bar

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