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A Durian Dilemma


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2016-08-02 09:25:50



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A Durian Dilemma


With durian season is now in full swing, you can see many durian stalls mushrooming not only along kampong roads, but also the main roads. The price for the famous king of fruits may be a bit pricey now, but wait for a few more weeks, you can probably buy a big basket full of durians for just RM10.


musang king.jpg

Musang King is the the most sought after by the durian fans. Picture: 1malaysiamusangkingdurian.wordpress.com

From the famous D24 to the ‘petite’ size durian kampong or the in betweeners (or the hybrids between durian kampungs and the ‘D’ variants) and of course the mother of all king durians or the “Musang King” they are available for durian lovers to choose either to sit there and eat or bring home for a feast.

The Musang King is the one sought after by most durians fans. Unlike other types of durians, the Musang King has super sweet, creamy and golden yellow thick flesh. But of course like any other king of fruits, despite how much you enjoy the delish flavour of the most creamy flesh, you’ll still have to deal with the….


For durians fans, the smell probably is not a problem. But for those who can’t take even a whiff, they may scream murder, once you just opened your mouth just to say hi!

Well, there’s no simpler way to get rid of that ‘dead rotten rat’ from your mouth or your car, but maybe these tips may help… and it may also cool your body temperature too.

  1.  Rinse your mouth and drink plenty of water. Pour the water in the durian husk and drink from it. 

  2. When you are at it why not gargle with mouthwash as well. The Chinese also believe that drinking a glass of salt solution after a durian binge can help reduce body heat.  

  3. Maybe you would like to try other tropical fruit for cooling agent. After brushing your teeth and gargle the mouthwash, you can try eating some mangosteen.



Gargle with mouthwash can help reduce the stinky smell after eating durians. Picture: 

Since you should not drink any carbonated, alcohol or caffeinated drinks especially coffee, you can instead use coffee powder to get rid of the smell in your car. There is no need to buy an expensive odour repellent or car air freshener.

durian boot.jpeg

Wow! The smell from these durians is either heavenly or hellish. Picture: images.says.com

Medical Faculty Dean of Indonesia University, Dr Saptawi Bardoso, said the best way to get rid of the pungent smell of durians is just to put a tablespoon of coffee powder in a container in your car. 

According to her, automatically the aroma of the coffee would neutralise the pungent smell. How long would it take to totally get rid of the smell would depends on how strong the durian smell is in the car.

Happy durian binging ya’ll.

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