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Oishii Onigiri ~ A Japanese Food Truck That Serves Japanese Rice Ball, Bento, Donbori and Snacks!


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2016-06-08 17:36:20



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Shop Name:Oishii Food Truck
Area: Kuala Lumpur- Ampang
Address: Malaysia
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Oishii Onigiri ~ A Japanese Food Truck That Serves Japanese Rice Ball, Bento, Donbori and Snacks!


Normally, if you want to eat Japanese food, you must go to a Japanese restaurant. But now, you don’t have to go. Just call Oishii Onigiri Food Truck and they will come to you. You can easily order and eat your favourite Japanese food.


Oishii Mobile Food Truck specialises in selling a variety of Japanese cuisine via “Grab & Go” concept. Its tagline is “Affordable, Convenient, Oishii!”. Usually Oishii Food Truck roams around Klang Valley area.  Do follow their Official Facebook page for more updates on their whereabouts!

Oishii Onigiri Facebook : https://goo.gl/by0qil


Recently, Oishii Onigiri Japanese food truck dropped by at my office area around lunch time. It was so perfect timing because i was so hungry.


I was so excited when I saw their menu. I felt that i need to order all of it. Oishii Onigiri sells Japanese Rice Ball or also known as Onigiri which is one of the famous Japanese food in Japan. Besides that, they sell Bento, Don and few types of street food. ★,:*:‧\( ̄▽ ̄)/‧:*‧°★


Besides Food Truck business, Oishii Onigiri does Delivery & Catering business too! Call Oishii Hotline at 012 618 3300 or visit their official website www.oishii.my for more selections. With minimum purchase of RM200.00, you are entitled for FREE Delivery!  


OMG! The Onigiris are so tasty! Each Onigiri is stuffed with different fillings depending on your preference. Oishii Mobile Food Truck offers 4 flavours i.e. BBQ Salmon, Katsu Chicken, Ebiko (Prawn Egg) and Furikake (Japanese Bonito Flakes).1 piece sells for RM4 while 3 pieces is only RM10!  One piece of Onigiri simply ain’t enough to satisfy my crave as it is just too delicious~!!


For me, onigiri was too small for me..hahaha..because it tasted so good until i felt it is not enough to eat one ~ ╮(╯◇╰)╭


Next, I ordered two types of their street food which are Tamago Mentai (RM6.90) and Takoyaki (RM11.50). It was so good until I can’t stop eating it all! You must try these snacks. So worth it! ★,:*:‧\( ̄▽ ̄)/‧:*‧°★



Then, i ordered Salmon Bento (RM13.90). For me, it is a completed dish. I love every bite of this dish. You have to try this dish because it is so good and worth the price. 




I also ordered one of their Don selection which is Katsu Chicken Don. Love the chicken so much as it is so crunchy and juicy! It was so good and I gotta give it a 10/10 rating!


Wow! I really had good lunch. Amazing Japanese food from Oishii Onigiri. I would totally recommend to anyone to try these delicious menu. ★,:*:‧\( ̄▽ ̄)/‧:*‧°★


Should you have any upcoming birthday events, buddies gatherings, office parties, lunch meetings, etc, just ring up Oishii Onigiri (012 618 3300) and they will serve you with hot and yummylicious Japanese food, right to your doorstep.


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【Oishii Onigiri】

Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/Oishii-Onigiri-1563229887231743


Tel No:012-618 3300

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