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An App That Make Your life Easier to Find Malaysian Food Truck


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2016-06-08 15:27:40



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An App That Make Your life Easier to Find Malaysian Food Truck



Food truck is becoming trending in Malaysia. I think the main reason that Malaysian love “Grab & Go” services. Enjoying food at the roadside gives chill out feeling. Besides that, you don’t have to find table or wait longer for food to come.

But, it is quite hard to locate food truck in Malaysia. If we are lucky, we might come across any food truck advertisement on internet. But now you don’t have to worry because there is a new app called Food Truck Finder where you can track down food truck anywhere in Malaysia.



Food Truck Finder developed by Jahart Studio Enterprise is a cool app for you to locate and get to all the food trucks in Malaysia



This app also allow you to get additional information such as menu items, contact details and social networking functionality


Since they move around, it is always hard to look for these food trucks. By using this app, you can easily find which food truck are open and their current location.

Cool app right? You don’t have to look around as it just finger tips.


The way the app operates is that food truck owners can sign up at the Food Truck Finder members’ page which is a website given to them upon request. At this member’s page, owners can update their logo, banner, truck details and menu on their own, much like a social media profile page.

The engine also provides the truck owners with a special PIN number.” The truck owners will then use this PIN on the app’s members corner, which is accessible via menu, to check in at a new GPS location or toggle their “open for business” status.

Download Food Truck Finder at Google Play Store


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