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Fabulous Food Only at Milligram Coffee + Eatery


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2016-05-10 14:38:07



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Shop Name:Milligram Coffee + Eatery
Area: Selangor- Petaling Jaya
Address: No 8, Jalan SS26/4, Taman Mayang Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya
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  • Halal: Non-Halal
  • Telephone Number:
  • Business Hours:11am to 11pm
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Fabulous Food Only at Milligram Coffee + Eatery



Recently, SINI crew had the opportunity to try the drinks and food at Milligram Coffee + Eatery. The reason that we choose Miligram because we heard that this coffee + Eatery served the most delicious beverages and dishes. It located at Taman Mayang and has opened since 8th December 2014.



As we entered, we are welcomed by the owner. She is so friendly and can’t wait to introduce to us some of their signature dishes and drinks. We loved the environment. It is so peaceful and we felt that we could hangout the all day.


The decorations are simple and nice. They provided some magazines for customers to read while enjoying their meal. Besides that, they also offered some board games for customers to enjoy. So cool right?


Let’s check out the menu that we tried

Milligram’s Bac + Cheese (RM19)


First, they served us Milligram’s Bac and Cheese. It has macaroni filled with mozzarella cheese and smoky pork bacon. It also has fried egg and homemade multigrain bread at the side. OMG!! It tasted so delicious and same time, it is very filling.

The Lazy Pig (RM27)



I am sure you will be wondering what is The Lazy Pig menu? The Lazy Pig is a pork cutlet topped with mozzarella cheese. The flavour is added by adding black pepper sauce on top of the pork cutlet. It so tender, succulent and juicy pork shoulder loin served with a multi faceted sides of sautéed zucchinis, cherry tomatoes and pesto wedges. This dish is so delicious! You have to try if you come to this cafe.

Smoky Bacon Carbonara Pasta (RM20)



Next, they served us Smoky Bacon Carbonara Pasta. No words can describe how good this dish. Taste like heaven!!

Milli’s Waffle (RM17)



Next is dessert time! First, we tried Milli’s Waffle. Wow, we were surprised and enjoyed eating this dessert. This dessert is served with three waffles, one scoop of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, few banana slices and small cup of chocolate sauce with side of Famous Amos crumbs. We poured out the chocolate sauce on the waffles and eat it with ice cream.

Nestum Bacon French Toast-NBFT (RM19)



Nestum Bacon French Toast has become one of our favourite menu as well as their signature dessert. It is a multi-grain bread with crispy nestum flakes. Added with Famous Amos Crumbs and served along with vanilla ice cream and savory bacons. This dish is so crispy and delicious!! We would recommend to anyone to try this menu. You will not regret it.

Mint Chocolate (RM11)


Hot Chocolate Mint tasted good.

Green Tea Latte (RM10)


Green Tea Latte for the least favourite because most of us not a big fan of green tea. Anyone who loves green tea, this drink will be suitable for you.


This drink is one of their signature drink called Iced After 8 Latte. It is a latte with minty flavor. Their coffee are from Guatemala, Mexico and Sidamo.


Overall, we really enjoyed the all dishes that was served to us at Milligram. The customer service was very good. If you are looking a cafe to chill in a peaceful environment, Milligram Coffee + Eatery will be good choice for you.


Address : No 8, Jalan SS26/4, Taman Mayang Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya

Tel No : 03-74974358

Opening Hours : 11am - 11pm (Daily)

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/milligram_coffee/

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