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Samira Asian Terrace

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Passage Thru' India

From the very beginning we wanted to be a different kind of restaurant. We didn’t want to be just serving food, but to celebrate food, art , culture & tradition of India. Our ultimate objective is to give our diners “Truly an Indian Experience”. A fairytale to take home.   On that vision we first opened our door for business in 1996 as a small family operated restaurant in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. After years of continues trials, errors, turbulences and economic downturns paired with its determined, passionate and creative owner, it has grown to become if not the finest but one of its kind, the largest thematic Indian restaurant outside India in the capital of Malaysia.    The restaurants design reflects a countryside village home. Its interior is exuberant and fanciful, with a touch of bohemian artistry, yet its atmosphere is cozy. A myriad of colors, both jolting and stimulating, adorn the restaurant and are chosen from something specific in mind. There are no rules, no pretensions but simply our interpretation of beautiful India. Spearheaded by its Executive Chef PS Kadam, author of ‘ The Cookbook PASSAGE THRU’ INDIA’ who plays an vital role in our establishment has Helped Passage Thru’ India topping the Indian Restaurant category by winning many prestigious local, including the Tourism Ministry and international awards and accolades numerous amount of time. Chef PS Kadam cuisine did not only gain popularity from the restaurant guest but also through TV programs covered by various channels including the Discovery channel. website :

Crab Factory

Who doesn't like to get dirty with their food?? For some reason there's always some added finger lickin' deliciousness when you eat with your hands and here at the Louisiana Crab Factory there's no exception. Our aim is to embrace the whole Southern American cuisine of Creole and Cajun cooking with their shared culture of relaxed backyard affairs of large seafood boils to bring together entire communities for some serious chow down. Similar to the backyard BBQ that most of us are more familiar with, it is all about gathering with family and friends and sharing great food, interesting conversations and knocking back a few beers with good company.   Website :

Capt 77 Cafe


Pandan Indah Ramadan Bazaar

Hari Raya Puasa is a very important occasion that are celebrated by Muslims all over the world. They avoid from consuming  food, drink and other physical needs during the daylight hours to experience the fasting. What comes to your mind during the blessed month of Ramadan? Yes! Definitely the Ramadan Bazaar. Bazaar which held at every evening during the fasting month. The Muslims will start their  fasting from dawn to sunset. What's happier than having a delicious food after time to break the fast? Variety of food Malaysia is a multiracial country, the ethnic will going to celebrate or participate together in any festival. That's why we always see non-­muslims appear in the Ramadan Bazaar. To understanding the culture of other races, SINI had make an invitation to a facebook famous girl, Reven to attend this activitity. Reven will pick up the top three must eat in Ramadan Bazaar. So now, let's follow the girl heading to Ramadan Bazaar which held in Pandan Indah!   Deep­Fried Snack Deep­fried snack is public favourite. It wrapped by kind of ingredients and fry until became golden in colour. It was really crispy and tasty when being masticated.   Cucur Badak(RM1) Cucur Udang(RM1) Popiah(RM2/5pcs)  Samosa “Haris”(RM0.80/1pcs) ∙Samosa "Haris" is actually curry puff. Curry puff came from Indians, which contain two kind of choices ­ beef and chicken.       Cakoi油条(RM0.60/1pcs) ∙Cakoi came from China. There's legend about the origin of Cakoi. However, the Muslims started to research it and find itself as traditional food and named it Cakoi.   Pau Kacang Merah(RM0.60/1pcs) Donat(RM0.60/1pcs) Roti Khurasan(RM2)   Pastries  Reven was so excited when she saw the colourful pastries that allocate at the stalls. Indeed, the pastries from Muslims was really creative and attractive. They use different of colour to keep your eyeball like every of them was really tasty and yummy. Reven picked one in every pastries, she said she wanted to try it all! How could you missed it?   ∙There is various kind of pastries in market, can you name them exactly? (Prices in between RM0.30 ­ RM1) Noodle / Rice   Apart from snack, surely you'll found the noodle and rice such as Nasi Briyani, Nasi Ayam and Nasi Tomato at Ramadan Bazaar. Unexpectedly, Nasi Dagang do not selling at here.   Mee/Meehun/Nasi/Kay Teow Goreng(RM3-RM3.50) Nasi Briyani (RM10) ∙The spices and condiments used in Nasi Biryani may include, but are not limited to, ghee (clarified butter), nutmeg, mace, pepper, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaves, coriander, mint leaves, ginger, onions, and garlic. The premium varieties include saffron. For a non-vegetarian Nasi Biryani, the main ingredient that accompanies the spices is the meat, chicken and mutton. The dish may be served with dahi chutney or Raita, korma, curry, a sour dish of aubergine (brinjal), boiled egg, and salad.   Nasi Ayam(RM4.50) ∙Chicken rice was one of the delicious food in Malaysia. In Chinese cuisine, chicken rice been classify into two types which is Hainanese chicken rice and Hong Kong style Chinese BBQ. And yet in Malay cuisine, their cookery similiar with chinese, matching up with rice and roasted chicken.   Nasi Tomato(RM4.50) ∙Nasi Tomato is a very famous dishes in Pahang. You probably see it in every Malay ethnic feast.   Laksa(RM4) ∙Laksa is a popular spicy noodle soup in the Peranakan cuisine, which is a combination of Chinese and Malay cuisine. Laksa consists of rice noodles or rice vermicelli with chicken, prawn or fish, served in spicy soup; either based on rich and spicy curry coconut milk, or based on sour asam. Laksa classify into few version like Curry Laksa, Asam Laksa, Pantai Timur Laksa, Sarawak Laksa and somemore.   Nasi Lemak berlauk ∙One of the famous food that Malaysian eat so often. Nasi Lemak matching with the side dishes and Sambal, definitely impossible be short in the Ramadan Bazaar!!   Grilled / Roasted Taufu Bakar(RM4/per box) Otak-otak(RM4/5pcs) ∙Otak ­otak is a grilled fish cake made of ground fish meat mixed with tapioca starch and spices. It is widely known across Southeast Asia, especially in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, where it is traditionally served fresh, wrapped inside a banana leaf, as well as in many Asian stores internationally — being sold as frozen food. Paha Ayam Bakar(RM5) kepak Ayam Bakar(RM1)    Ayam Percik(RM4) Ikan Pari(RM10-RM16) Ikan Cencaru(RM8-9) Ikan Talapia(RM7-8)   Pulut Panggang(RM2/3pcs) ∙Glutinous rice parcels stuffed with a spiced filling, then wrapped in banana leaves and char grilled. Depending on regional tradition, the spiced filling may include pulverized dried prawns, caramelized coconut paste or beef floss. In the state of Sarawak, the local pulut panggang contains no fillings and are wrapped in pandan leaves instead.       Beverage Malaysia is a hot country throughout the whole year. Since the crowds in Ramadan Bazaar was really full, so there's can't lack of drinks to thirst quenching. Hawkers selling beverage that will drive you crazy because there's a lots of choices! You'll hardly to make a decision, but yes for your healthy, of course we suggest you have a pack of juices. Oh! This girl love to drink soya bean. Cendol(RM4) ∙Cendol's basic ingredients are coconut milk, jelly noodles made from rice flour with green food coloring (usually derived from the pandan leaf), shaved ice and palm sugar. Other ingredients such as red beans, glutinous rice, grass jelly, creamed corn, might also be included.   Others Special Snack Roti Jala(RM3) ∙A special ladle with a five­hole perforation used to make the bread looks like a fish net. It is usually eaten as an accompaniment to a curried dish, or served as a sweet with serawa. Serawa is made from a mixture of boiled coconut milk, brown sugar and pandan leaves.   Roti John Pataya ∙Roti John is one of the local food in Malaysia and peoples improve it to tastier. How does it work? They make Roti John covered up with a layer of egg and roll it up. Times when you masticate it, you'll realize how amazing it is. Simple but nice.       Murtabak(RM2.50-RM4) ∙A snack that never can be short in Ramadan Bazaar. Murtabak is a stuffed pancake or pan fried bread which is commonly found in every Ramadan Bazaar. Murtabak usually includes minced meat (beef or chicken, sometimes mutton) along with garlic, egg and onion, and is eaten with curry or gravy, sliced cucumber, syrup­ pickled onions or tomato sauce.     Sambal Goreng Lala(RM5) ∙Reven love the clam so much! She picked it when she saw the first sight of the clam. It's looking great and smell delicious, i think people will possibly drooling if they saw it.     【End】  

Everything Is Calm With Caffeine @ Dr. Inc, Bangsar

Everything Is Calm With Caffeine @ Dr. Inc, BangsarSource : theyumlist.netKL is one of the city that offers varieties of cafes and coffee shop no matter you're a cold brew or hot coffee fans. Dr. Inc, (‘Dr’ stands for drink, not ‘Doctor’) is a hidden gem cafe located at Jalan Kemuja, Bangsar near Straits Food Company, would be your another cosy place to enjoy the evening here.The interior is so peaceful with white walls and wooden furniture, old-style floor tiles, cute wallpaper design, ceiling light bulbs and colourful chairs.From the outside you may thought that it's just a gift store since it was located along the shoplots. The founder of the cafe join up with Nala Designs and Studio Bikin that lend a hand to add some quirkiness and colour to the cafe by adding their design wares to display and sell all over the cafe. This method makes the cafe creates a relaxing, chilly atmosphere with the patterns and prints. It's absolutely something different from the usual.Before this they don't provide heavy meals here since it's still under development, now they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner sets. But it's not considered as heavy meal sets, it's suitable for a relaxing evening coffee with your loved ones while having some light foods like cakes and nasi lemak.There are two signature drinks at Dr Inc’s cafe, Presso Bomb and Fat Americano. Press Bomb is a combination of Malacca’s ice cream soda with hot espresso which will give an unique taste. While Fat Americano is featuring of coke and espresso also caught the sight of the visitors.Source : Doreen TehSource : Nurlisa JamaludinOther than that, they do serves wide array of latte, mocha and flat white as well as fresh-pressed juices, chilled beers and ciders.Don't forget, it's just down the road from Fierce Curry House. Dr Inc Cafe8 Jalan Kemuja,59000 Kuala Lumpur,MalaysiaTel: 03-2283 4698Business HoursMon & Sun: 9am - 7pmTue-Sat: 9am - 1amEmail: jeremy@beautiful-linc.comFacebook:

Delicious Japanese Buffet Style Only for RM36.80+(Lunch) & RM46.80+(Dinner) at Shabu Ten, One Utama

What?! Unlimited Japanese buffet for RM36.80++! Yup, you read it right. I am sure Japanese food lovers will go crazy for this promotion. Come to Shabu Ten Restaurant at One Utama and enjoy 100 choices of fresh Japanese ingredients. Just choose your favourite, cook it in hot soup pot and eat it. RM36.80++ is for lunch and RM46.80++ for dinner. In their menu, they have few types which are Shabu, Sushi, Agemono and Dessert. Besides that, Shabu Ten offers few choices of soup and many types of sauces that will absolutely meet your needs. Recently, SINI went to Shabu Ten at One Utama to do a food review. I was one of SINI team to try there. Let’s check out on what I have try in this Shabu Ten.There are four types of soup that you can choose which are Chicken Soup, Tom Yam Soup, Pumpkin Soup and Kimchi Soup. Pumpkin Soup is sweet soup and the most healthy. Kimchi Soup is not too spicy and it has sweet pickles.As you can see the picture above, there are many variety that we can choose. There fishballs, seafoods, fish cakes, mushrooms and many more. We could hardly pick because all of it looks tasty.If you don’t want to take from the rotating table, you can take the menu above and tick what you want. They will bring all of it to you.Shabu Ten also serves different types of sushi. You can pick your favourite.They also provide salad dressing. You can choose how you want for your salad. Shabu Ten has many types of sauce. Some are spicy and some are not. These sauce will increase the flavor of your dish. My favourite is Flaming Hot Sauce.You can add four types of ingredient in your sauce which are garlic, parsley, sesame seeds and tabasco.Dip marshmallow into chocolate...omg it is so delicious!! You have to try if you come here.Their delicious desserts ended our day perfectly. They have green tea ice-cream, fresh fruits and puddings.Overall, SINI had the most delicious Japanese buffet experience at Shabu Ten Restaurant. The customer services was friendly and fast. We would absolutely recommend anyone to try at Shabu Ten Restaurant.Address : Shabu Ten Buffet, 1 Utama Shopping Center (New Wing), 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.Facebook : : No : 012-2326844Opening Hours : Lunch ~ RM36.80 (11am to 5pm), Dinner ~ RM46.80 (5pm to 10pm)

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy ~Dotty's Pastries & Coffee at TTDI

Good coffee and delicious pastries makes a perfect combination as a meal. If you want to have that meal, come to Dotty’s Pastries & Coffee at TTDI. They have opened since end of 2015 and a lot of people love to go there. They served delicious pastries and tasty coffee.This cafe is 100% Halal. All kinds of pastries that you can find there. It is quite unique and delicious too! Their coffee are so good...i will called it “perfecto”OMG! It is so “mouth-watering” and so tempting.I love donuts..How about you all? All kinds of flavor that you can choose. Coffee + Pastry + others = Perfecto!! They served other types of menu such western and local cuisines  such as pasta, burger and rice.All the menu looks absolutely amazing! You have to drop by to this cafe if you at TTDI area. It will be worth it. *All Images are taken from Dotty's Pastries & Coffee Facebook[DOTTY’S PASTRIES & COFFEE]Address : 20-G, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur.Tel No : 03-77334233Opening Hours : 8am to 9pm (Open daily except for Tuesday is closed)Facebook :

Machap Walk, Pasar Malam Komuniti Cina di Alor Gajah Yang Unik

Machap Baru, sebuah pekan kecil yang terletak di dalam daerah Alor Gajah meriah apabila tibanya hujung minggu.Pekan yang terletak kira-kira 30km dari Banda Hilir Melaka kembali popular di kalangan pelancong yang datang untuk merasakan pengalaman pasar malam yang diadakan di setiap hari Jumaat, Sabtu dan Ahad.Kalau dahulu pekan Machap Baru ini hanya terkenal di kalangan peminat-peminat daging buruan haiwan liar, kini bas-bas persiaran yang membawa pelancong dari China, Taiwan dan Singapura akan bersusun di sepanjang jalan besar membawa pengunjung ke pasar malam ini.Pintu gerbang ke pasar malam atau Machap Walk di Machap Baru, Alor Gajah, Melaka. Foto: Harny KhairDikenali sebagai Machap Walk, pasar malam kecil ini mula mendapat perhatian pelancong dari dalam dan luar negara yang mahu merasai pasar malam komuniti Cina yang unik tetapi kurang komersial berbanding Jonker Walk yang sudah popular.Setiap petang Jumaat, Sabtu dan Ahad, tiga lorong kecil akan dikosongkan untuk memberi laluan kepada peniaga-peniaga kecil pasar malam menjual barangan mereka.Seperti lazimnya pasar malam di komuniti Cina, terdapat satu pentas di simpang tiga kawasan pasar malam untuk mereka yang suka berkaraoke.Seperti lazimnya, di pasar malam komuniti Cina biasanya akan ada pentas untuk pengunjung berkaraoke. Foto: Harny KhairWalaupun tidak semeriah Jonker Walk, Machap Walk mempunyai tarikannya yang tersendiri. Apa yang penting, barangan dan makanan yang dijual di pasar malam ini lebih murah dan asli.Pasar malam Machap Walk ini lebih sesuai dengan pengunjung bukan Islam kerana hampir 99 peratus adalah peniaga Cina. Namun, ini tidak bermakna anda tidak boleh bersama-sama merasai pengalaman di Machap Baru ini.Machap Walk kini merupakan lokasi popular untuk mereka yang menjadikan fotografi sebagai hobi. Pelbagai ragam manusia dengan suasana penuh warna-warni dapat dirakam dengan lensa kamera masing-masing.Pengunjung Cina di sini sukakan makanan jalanan seperti mi merah buatan sendiri yang dihidang dengan sup char siew (daging khinzir) bebola ikan dan kek ikan. Hidangan ini sangat popular hingga ada yang sanggup makan berdiri di tepi jalan kerana tidak cukup meja.Selain itu terdapat juga makanan popular lain seperti laksa, rendang dan acar sebagai pembuka selera. Bagi pencuci mulut pula cubalah rasa roti kok dengan kaya. Harganya pun murah.Harga semangkuk pencuci mulut seperti bubur cha cha dan tang yuen di Machap Walk ini lebih murah berbanding di Jonker Street. Foto: Harny KhairBagi peminat bubur pula, rasalah pelbagai bubur manis seperti, cha cha, tang suan, bubur bijian hitam, mai zhou atau bubur kacang tanah. Harganya sekitar RM2.40 dan RM3 semangkuk. Bagi peminat cendol dan ABC, cubalah rasa pencuci mulut popular ini. Harganya jauh lebih murah daripada di Jonker Street. Macam-macam 'toppings' pun ada.Cendol dan ABC merupakan pencuci mulut popular di Melaka. Harga semangkuk cuma RM2.50 sahaja. Foto: Harny KhairPernah tengok macam mana seorang peniaga di China buat gula-gula kapas berbentuk bunga dalam YouTube tak? Okay di Machap Walk inipun ada penjual gula-gula kapas yang pandai buat bentuk bunga. Harganya pun sangat murah. Cuma RM2 sahaja.Bukan saja sangat popular di kalangan kanak-kanak, orang dewasa pun ikut teruja hendak merasa gula-gula kapas bunga ini. Lepas beli, mesti akan ambil gambar.Peniaga membuat gula-gula kapas berbentuk bunga. Harganya cuma RM2 sahaja. Foto: Harny KhairUntuk ke sini tidak susah. Guna saja GPS atau waze. Setkan lokasi dan ia akan membawa anda melalui Ayer Keroh melepasi Kampung Padang Keladi tu Durian Tunggal.Belok kanan dan kira-kira 200 meter di hadapan, belok ke kiri melalui jalan bengkang bengkok dan pasti anda tertarik dengan pemandangan indah Tasik Durian Tunggal yang menjadi lubuk memancing bagi kaki pancing.Macam-macam barang terdapat di Machap Walk, bukan hanya makanan sahaja. Foto: Harny KhairKena datang awal kalau tidak mahu sesat dalam lautan manusia. Machap Walk kini popular di kalangan pelancong tempatan dan dari Singapura. Foto: Harny KhairSekiranya anda mahu ke sini, dinasihatkan supaya datang awal dalam kira-kira jam 5 petang untuk mengelak daripada lautan manusia.Jangan bimbang fasal tempat letak kereta, ada kawasan lapang di bahu jalan yang luas untuk anda meletak kenderaan untuk ke pasar malam.Bagi pengunjung Islam pula, ada gerai menjual sate halal di pintu masuk kawasan pasar malam atau boleh saja membeli buah-buahan tempatan yang dijual di sini. Boleh juga cuba gula-gula kapas atau popcorn kalau hendak mengunyah.Satu-satunya peniaga sate Islam di Machap Walk. Gerainya terletak di pintu masuk ke pasar malam. Foto: Harny KhairBaunya saja sudah menarik. Lihatlah buah cempedak yang dijual, besar-besar belaka. Harganya pun berpatutan. Foto: Harny Khair

Tips Berfesyen Untuk Lelaki Bebadan Terlalu Kurus

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Lelaki zaman sekarang semakin berlumba-lumba menjaga penampilan supaya kelihatan segak dan tampan. Bagi lelaki yang berbadan kurus dan sederhana, tidak susah untuk mengenakan fesyen pakaian yang anda inginkan. Tapi bagaimana dengan lelaki yang TERLAMPAU atau TERLALU KURUS ???Bagi lelaki yang terlalu kurus yang anda rasa susahnya nak berfesyen, ini ada tips berfesyen untuk anda. Pasti anda mampu tampil segak seperti kebanyakan lelaki lain di luar sana!Pakai Seluar Atau Jeans Straight / LooseAnda memang kurus, tapi tak bermakna anda boleh mengenakan seluar melekat di tubuh semahunya. Mengenakan skinny jeans sebenarnya hanya menampilkan betapa kecil dan kurusnya paha anda. Pakailah jeans potongan lurus atau straight leg jeans. Tapi ingat, jangan kenakan jeans potongan lurus atau relaxed fit jeans kerana potongannya lebih besar dan menggeleber. Jangan nanti orang kata anda pakai seluar jeans kepunyaan ayah anda pula..Seluar Jenis Pleated, Jaket @ Kot Double Breasted & Padded - Shoulder Kot atau jaket jenis double breasted dan padded shoulder adalah paling sesuai untuk lelaki kurus. Silangan jaket pada bahagian depan tubuh anda memberikan gaya klasik dan menambahkan ‘depth ‘ pada badan yang kurus. Butang baju yang menonjol lebih menarik. Jaket atau kot berspan atau padded-shoulder akan menampakkan saiz anda lebih besar dari saiz sebenar badan. Bagi seluar, anda boleh kenakan seluar jenis pleated atau berlipat di bahagian atas supaya saiz pinggang kelihatan lebih besar. Dari segi potongan seluar, dapatkan dari jenis potongan tirus dari lutut ke bawah atau lebih tepat dalam bahasa inggeris ialah window-pane checks.Potongan sebegini akan menampakkan saiz tubuh anda lebih besar dari sebenar.Cintailah Warna Putih Atau CerahKurus tidak semestinya tidak berotot. Pasti ada otot!. Baju dan seluar berwarna cerah seperti putih, krim, kuning air, kelabu cerah dan pastel sesuai untuk lelaki kurus supaya bahagian tertentu tubuh anda yang berotot dapat ditonjolkan. Jika nak mengenakan blazer jenis linen, warna krim akan menjadikan anda lebih selesa dan nampak seperti ada ruang pada saiz badan anda. Aksesori Jangan lupa mengenakan aksesori seperti cermin mata, jam tangan, beg kecil dan bangles sebagai pelengkap. Pastikan saiz aksesori bersaiz normal contohnya mengenakan jam tangan berbentuk chunky atau besar yang akan menenggelamkan saiz pergelangan tangan menjadikannya tidak seimbang. LAIN - LAIN TIPS Jaket : Double-breasted dan clean-lined jaketSeluar : Kain dari jenis cord juga sesuai dikenakan. Tetapi ini lebih sesuai untuk fesyen di negara 4 musim.Menambahkan lapisan dalam berpakaian atau layer : Fesyen sebegini tidak sesuai digayakan untuk iklim panas seperti Malaysia.Kualiti : Baju berkualiti tinggi membantu menampilkan fesyen yang lebih baik untuk lelaki kurusCorak Baju : Pakaian corak melintang akan membuatkan si kurus kelihatan lebih besar saiz badannya.Kasut : Elakkan kasut hujung tirus dan tajam kerana ia membuatkan kaki anda kelihatan lebih kurusBaju Bercorak : Jangan takut mengenakan baju bercorak kerana ia akan menonjolkan susuk tubuh anda lebih besarTali Pinggang : Pilih saiz lebar tali pinggang yang tidak besar

Summer Sport Centre

  Badminton hall in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

Taman Botani Negara Shah Alam

Taman Botani Negara Shah Alam is a peaceful place to relax your mind. Spend your whole day here with your friends and family, surely they will be extremely happy! Let's see what's inside the garden.   Attraction in Taman Botani Negara Shah Alam:-   Animal Park The 72-hectare Animal Garden is a focal point for visitors to TBNSA. Among the animals available here are porcupines, rabbits, deer, horses, various birds and others.   Ornamental Garden The TBNSA Ornamental Garden was the brain child of the former Minister of Agriculture, Tan Sri Sanusi Junid in 1986. The garden is decorated with various types of flowers and shrub that have been arranged into a beautiful landscape visible from the Viewing Tower. The garden is a suitable location to relax and unwind.   4 Seasons Temperate House At the Four Season Temperate House (RISEM), one can experience the four season’s weather such in the four season’s countries. Season in RISEM will change every three months (please refer season in North Pole). Be the first to witness fascinating view and colourful plants and flowers.   Spice & Beverages Garden Visitors to the Spice & Beverage Garden will have the opportunity to learn about the benefits and health qualities of the plants available. These plants are sewn on a 16 hectare hill area. Among the plants available at TBNSA are -Tea -Coffee -Black Pepper -Nutmeg -Cinnamon     Cactus Garden The garden is able to attract visitors due to its unique design that emulates a desert. The garden has over 3,000 plants from 145 variations, in which 15 of them hail locally in Malaysia.   Tropical Fruits Garden This 35-hectre garden offers a variety of tropical fruits. TBNSA utilises the latest and modern agricultural technology to produce various trees. You will also have the opportunity to acquire guides on how to plant these trees at home.   Paddy Field Green paddy field in Taman Padi promises attractive natural view to visitors. Also features Multipurpose Barn and Sepak Takraw rink as one of Family day sites.    Herbs & Medicinal Garden Established to educate visitors in the area of herbs and medicinal plants. Colourful and fascinating landscape in the garden creates attractive atmosphere.      Sungai Baru Dam The primary water source for citizens of North Klang in the 1930 – 1960’s, currently the dam is a habitat for various freshwater fishes. Learn and marvel at how different types of fish are bred in cages here.   Air Kuning Dam Located in a 4.5 hectare area which resembles the Sungai Baru Dam. There is a historical 323-metre tunnel in this area. This tunnel goes through a 60metre high hill, but it is unknown how this natural creation emerged. The most popular activity in this area is Fly-fishing, activity suitable for fishing practices.   Mystery Tunnel There is a mystery tunnel close to the Air Kuning dam and how it was formed was not known. The tunnel is said to have a historical story related to the area itself. The 323m long tunnel passes through a 60m high hill and is becoming a tourist attraction around here.   Pool C Pool C used to be a popular spot for anglers. Now, it is a conservation pool for fishes. One can enjoy a peaceful scenery accompany by fishes in the pool.   Activities in Taman Botani Negara Shah Alam:-   Skytrek Skytrex Adventure Park offers variety of choices to the outdoor enthusiasts. Among them are: • Big thill    - A total of 23 challenges to be completed within 1 hour 30 minutes – 2 hours.    - A fee of RM45/pax and RM25/pax is charged for those above 12 years old and those below 12 years old respectively. • Little Adventure    - A total of 15 challenges to be completed within 30 minutes – 1 hour    - A fee of RM35/pax is charged for all ages • Extreme Challenge    - A total of 21 challenges to be completed within 1 hour 30 minutes – 2 hours    - A fee of RM50/pax is charged for all ages For further information, please visit the following website : Or call - 013 2769841   Flyfishing For those interested in a change from fishing using artificial lures, they may participate in the fly fishing activity at the TBNSA Air Kuning Dam. Visitors must rely on their own skill to fish here. Use of live bait is prohibited. Various types of fish may be caught here such as the tilapia, river carp, Indian carp, snakehead, mahseer, lampam, krai, baung, keli, patin and many more. Contact : En. Bahtiar - 019 6322876 En Nik - 012 3246959 Or browse :   Bicycle Representative of the Taman Botani Negara Shah Alam (TBNSA) also provides cycling facilities for visitors. Charges imposed are very reasonable. Do not miss the chance to cycle around Taman Botani Negara Shah Alam. Fee : RM 10.00 for the first hour and additional of RM 1.00 for the following hours Contact : En Riduwan : 019-2906410   Swimming Pool Visitors can do physical activity in the soothing swimming poll that is surrounded within the serenity of luscious green jungle. The rental rate for the swimming pool is per session RM3.00 for adult and RM1.00 for children or RM500.00 for one day rental.   Wow, attractive? Let's head to there! Enjoy the fun! :)

Lets K-Pop with iKON at Stadium Negara

The first iKON concert in Malaysia will be held this 13 August at Stadium Negara. image: all K-Pop fans out there!If you are iKON fans, grab this chance to watch the group first concert in Malaysia, to be held this Saturday (13 August) at Stadium Negara.The band, made popular with their songs Apology, Dumb and Dumber and What's Wrong will be in Kuala Lumpur as part of their iKONCERT 2016: SHOWTIME Tour.iKON, consists of B.I, Jinhwan, Bobby, Yunhyeong, Ju-ne, Donghyuk and Chanwoo had performed at Singapore Indoor Stadium recently, and received an overwhelming response from their fans there.iKON released their full album late last year. Image: ygunited.com5 facts about iKONThe band was originally named iCON but the spelling was changed to iKON to reflect the band;s origin and nationalilty with a vision that the band would be an icon to Korea where they spead their pop culture worldwide. The members were selected through a survival programme Win: Who is Next and later on through Mix&Match where only seven were selected.Not one but three of their songs topped the charts when they launched their full album Welcome Back, late last year. Bobby and B.I were well known as they had collaborated with EpikHigh for their single Born Hater and had also participated in another survival programme Show Me The Money 3 where Bobby emerged as the winner.Welcome Back was also released in Japan early this year with two disck package where 12 songs in Japanese and the other of the same songs originally in Korean.Their album made to the third place in Oricon chart and last March they released their latest song Just Go in Japan.Welcome Back album was also released in Japan early this year. image: are priced at RM588 (VIP, Numbered seat), RM548 (Rock Zone, Free Standing), RM488 (Cat 1, Numbered seat), RM388 (Cat 2, Numbered seat), RM288 (Cat 3, Free seating) and RM188 (Cat 4, Free seating) which includes 6% GST but excludes RM4 processing fee.According to TicketCharge, more than half of the tickets were sold at the ticket launch so get your tickets fast at or +60392228811. For further updates, check out

Make a Splash at Wet World Water Parks

‘Wet World’ is the largest chain of waterparks in Malaysia equipped with water play elements and slides that offers a perfect holiday getaway. There are four Wet World franchises in three different states; Wet World Shah Alam, Wet World Batu Pahat Village Resort, Wet World Air Panas Pedas Resort and Kota Tinggi Waterfalls Resort.Each Wet World Water Park is unique and offers different kinds of water games and activities. Read more to find out about each Wet World Water Park:1) Wet World Batu Pahat Village ResortWet World Batu Pahat Village Resort is armed with intelligent creation of water play components and slides. Even though it is an old attraction, there's a lot of local visitors who do spend their time during the weekends with their family. Some of the interesting features are Batu Pahat Tower, Big Splash, Wave Pool, Swan Boat, Lazy River, SPA Pool and Dino Land.Location: Lot 138, Jalan Bukit Pasir, Tasek Merdeka, 83050 Batu PahatContact: 017-3368114Ticket PriceAdult : Normal RM28 / MyKad RM18Child: Normal RM25 / MyKad RM15Below 85cm FREEOperating HoursWeekdays 10AM - 7PMWeekends 10AM - 7PMSchool and Public Holidays 10AM - 7PMClosed on Tuesdays, except School & Public HolidaysWebsite: Wet World Shah AlamWet World Water Park in Shah Alam is one of the best place to spend a day trip with family and friends. The strategic location of this water park offers an amazing view of Shah Alam Lake Garden. One can enjoy the waterpark as well as the breathtaking Lake Garden view.There are many amazing things to do particularly for children such as Super Hurricane, Monsoon Buster, Thunder River, Kiddy Typoon Lagoon and Caribbean Rider. The water level here does not exceed more than a meter, so it's considered relatively safe.Location: No. 3A, Persiaran Dato Menteri, Sek.14, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul EhsanContact: 017-2890366Ticket PriceAdult : Normal RM35 / MyKad RM25Child: Normal RM30 / MyKad RM20Below 90cm FREEOperating HoursWeekdays 10AM - 6PMWeekends 10AM - 6PMSchool and Public Holidays 10AM - 6PMClosed on Wednesday, except School & Public HolidaysWebsite: Wet World Air Panas Pedas ResortThis water park is different among the other three since it is known to be the first hot spring water park in Negeri Sembilan.The hot spring water in the pools is at a temperature of 35 to 46 degree celsius, suitable for people of all ages. In addition, the water contains minerals that are very good for your health and skin. This includes the reflexology foot bath, where one would have to walk on a reflexology pebble trail in the water.Location: Lot 603, Mukim pedas, 71400 Pedas, Negeri Sembilan.Contact: 012-3225768Ticket PriceAdult : Normal RM25 / MyKad RM15Child: Normal RM22 / MyKad RM12Below 85cm FREEOperating HoursWeekdays 1PM - 6.30PMWeekends 10AM - 6.30PMSchool and Public Holidays 10AM - 6.30PMClosed on Tuesday, except School & Public HolidaysWebsite: Kota Tinggi Waterfalls ResortKota Tinggi Waterfalls Resort is a combination of a natural and an artificial water park. Visitors will be able to enjoy the natural surroundings while playing on three types of water slides; Long Slide, Spiral Slide and Blue Slide.Take a dip in the cool river water and for those wanting to spend a night here, they can opt to stay at the Resthouse Resort. This is a perfect weekend getaway to escape from all the hustle and bustle of city life.Location: Jalan Lombong, 81900 Kota Tinggi, Johor, Contact: 07-889 9222Ticket PriceAdult : Normal RM15 / MyKad RM7.50Child: Normal RM10 / MyKad RM3.50Below 85cm FREEOperating HoursWeekdays 8AM - 7PMWeekends 8AM - 7PMSchool and Public Holidays 8AM - 7PMOpens daily, including School & Public HolidaysWebsite:

Cara mengatasi masalah prestasi kenderaan anda

CARA MENGATASI MASALAH PRESTASI PADA KENDERAAN ANDA.Jika anda mengalami permasalahan prestasi kenderaan anda adalah berkemungkinan terjadi atas beberapa perkara dan faktor, untuk permasalahan yang agak umum seperti kereta kurang pick up terjadi kerana kemungkinan banyak puncanya, terutama bagi kenderaan yang telah lama digunakan dan telah berusia, selalunya anda perlu rujuk kenderaan anda pada mekanik berpengalaman untuk mengetahui apakah problem yang dihadapi oleh kenderaan anda. Sekiranya kenderaan anda terjadi masalah seperti kurang pick up yang memuaskan, kemungkinan ini adalah antara puncanyaMINYAK PETROLMinyak petrol yang digunakan tidak sesuai dengan enjinMinyak petrol yang digunakan tidak sesuai dengan enjin, Jadi ini bermaksud tidak semua kereta boleh menggunakan RON 95.  Periksa di penutup minyak anda atau buku manual kereta untuk tengok tahap minimum RON yang anda boleh guna.. Cuba RON95 dan RON97 dan lihat mana yang sesuai dengan keretaMINYAK ENJINPenukaran minyak hitam / enjin terlalu banyak, ataupun tidak sesuai ( terlampau pekat )Berkemungkinan semasa anda membuat penukaran minyak hitam enjin kereta dengan terlalu banyak (bubuh banyak sampai lepas tahap maksima), atau minyak hitam enjin kereta kurang sesuai -terlampau pekat, dan akan menyebabkan kelikatan pada enjin anda dan seterusnya mengurangkan prestasi kenderaan. sekiranya masalah ini di hadapi pastikan anda memilih minyak enjin yang sesuai dengan kenderaan anda.MINYAK RAWATAN ENJIN ( OIL TREATMENT )Sekiranya boleh, masukkan sedikit minyak Oil Treatment setiap 3 atau 6 kali menukar minyak enjinPernah tak anda semasa menukar minyak hitam anda membubuh sekali enjin bubuh Engine Oil Treatment? Sekiranya boleh, masukkan sedikit  Engine Oil Treatment setiap 3 atau 6 kali menukar minyak hitam.cukup hanya dengan setengah botol. tujuannya supaya boleh memberikan lebih perlindungan pada bahagian dalaman enjin dan selain itu juga dapat meringan dan melancarkan lagi pergerakan piston enjin turun naik dan dapat membuatkan kenderaan anda menjadi lebih lancar dan lebih pick up.SPARK PLUG Spark Plug sudah lama atau kemungkinan masalah pada suis plugCuba periksa spark plug  jika sudah lama. Berkemungkinan juga apinya kurang dan boleh menyebabkan pembakaran kurang efisien dan prestasi enjin kurang atau mungkin masalah pada plug cable . Ini juga boleh jadi punca bekalan spark kurang dan menyebabkan impak pada prestasi enjin kenderaan, seharusnya perlu di tukar Spark plug jika ianya lama tidak di tukar ganti dengan baru. PENAPIS UDARA ( AIR FILTER )Penapis udara yang kotor boleh menyebabkan perjalanan udara ke dalam enjin menjadi terhalang dan kurang banyak sehingga terjadi masalah seperti yang dinyatakan di atas. Banyak udara yang diperlukan oleh enjin untuk proses pembakaran dan sekiranya Penapis udara tidak di tukar, perjalanan udara yang masuk dalam enjin adalah kurang dan mengganggu proses pembakaran pada dalaman enjin anda, dan ini boleh juga mendatangkan impak pada prestasi kenderaan dan membuatkan masalah seperti kenderaan kurang pick up.KARBURATORBagi kereta yang guna karburator. seharusnya perlulah didalam satu tempoh yang agak lama untuk mencuci karburator kenderaan anda, kemungkinan ianya sudah terlalu tersumbat dan berkeladak kotor menyebabkan banyak enapan karbon... Karburator yang dipasang pada enjin kereta mempunyai satu alat yang dipanggil “acceleration pump” yang berfungsi untuk menambah aliran minyak masuk ke ruang pembakaran enjin dan meningkatkan kuasa dengan dengan pantas seperti ketika memecut untuk memotong kereta lain. Jika kereta terasa lembab biasanya alat inilah bahagian yang bermasalah.FUEL INJECTORJika kereta anda menggunakan Fuel Injection .. mungkin juga injector tersumbat. Ini juga boleh mengurangkan kecekapan enjin..  Jadi kenalah buat servis bersihkan injector dengan menggunakan Pressurized Fuel Injector Cleaner bagi  memberikan kelancaran semburan injector lebih baik dan sempurna.Seharusnya anda perlu membuat servis untuk membersihkan Injector dengan menggunakan Pressurized Fuel Injector Cleaner, ianya bagi membuang segala sisa karbon yang terdapat didalam karburator enjin kenderaan anda, Prestasi kenderaan akan meningkat sekiranya bahagian yang menghalang laluan oksigen dan minyak telah di singkirkan. Minyak yang di pam ke dalam enjin juga semakin bersih tanpa kotoran di dalam karburator.SENSOR EFISensor EFI yang kotor akan menyebabkan fungsi EFI kurang cekap.Sensor EFI kotor - selalunya hanya perlu di servis. sensor EFI yang kotor boleh menyebabkan fungsi EFI kurang cekap dan mendatangkan kesan pada prestasi kenderaan.PENAPIS MINYAK ( FUEL FILTER )Fuel filter kereta tersumbat . Fuel filter merupakan penapis kotoran dalam bahan petrol ( Filtering ).. jika sudah lama tidak di ganti mungkin juga menyebabkan aliran minyak masuk kurang efisyen..Mungkin anda tidak pernah menukar baru fuel filter itu yang dah bertahun tahun.. di mana kedudukan fuel filter ni? Sesetengah kereta anda harus cari di bawah kereta dimana antara tangki minyak yang bersambung dengan paip petrolMINYAK PEMBERSIH FUEL SYSTEMSelain daripada membersihkan penapis minyak anda juga seharusnya pada 6 bulan sekali perlu membubuh Fuel system cleaner  atau Injector cleaner di dalam tangki minyak petrol kereta anda. Isi minyak petrol penuh satu tangki kemudian bubuh pula Fuel system cleaner ..  Ini bertujuan mencuci dan membersihkan kotoran dan keladak-keladak yang terkandung dalam  fuel sistem kereta anda dari tangki minyak, piping, hose, masuk ke injector atau karburator sehinggalah ke ruang pembakaran..  Jika ada di lakukan pastinya akan membuatkan kesemua fuel sistem akan bersih dan memberikan prestasi kesan pickup kereta yang lebih baik dan lancar.IGNITION TIMINGMembuat Ignition Timing dengan menggunakan lampu Strobe Light.Ianya juga boleh mempengaruhi prestasi enjin kenderaan anda, antaranya adalah Tuning kenderaan anda sudah tidak optimum dan lari, Mungkin juga bacaan pada RPM adalah rendah dan juga tidak stabil, oleh itu enjin kenderaan harus di Tuning sedikit supaya prestasi kenderaan berada di dalam keadaan yang asal, Dalam proses membuat Ignition timing anda perlu menggunakan lampu Strobe ( Strobe Light ) * Lakaran dan Membuat Ignition Timing menggunakan Lampu StrobeKLAC PLATEBagi pengguna kereta transmisi manual, Antara sebab lain selain di atas yang perlu juga diperiksa ialah Klac Plate. Mungkin Klac Plate anda sudah haus, habis permukaan, dan menjadi nipis. sekiranya klac anda haus,sememangnya ia akan mendatangkan kesan pada prestasi kenderaan dan akan menjadi agak perlahan daripada yang biasa, seperti ketika kenderaan sedang mendaki, enjin anda akan bekerja lebih kuat daripada selalunya ataupun anda akan menghadapi kesukaran ketika mahu memotong kenderaan di hadapan.MINYAK GEARMinyak Gear atau minyak ATF kereta sudah kotor dengan kelikatan yang tidak betul menambah beban pada enjin. setiap dua kali tukar minyak gear box, masukkan sedikit gear treatment... Ini bertujuan melembutkan lagi dan memberi perlindungan pada gearbox selain meringankan pergerakan VOLTAGE STABILIZERAda sesetengah orang memasang voltage stabilizer sebagai Penstabil Voltan untuk support elektrik pada alat elektronik kereta. Ini termasuklah kawalan minyak ialah injection dan computer box , dapat bekerja dengan baik tanpa beban elektrik yang berat supaya suntikan bahan api berjalan lancar tanpa gangguan voltan yang turun naik. Sekali gus menstabilkan pick-up keretaEKZOS KENDERAANSeluruh sistem haruslah diperiksa. Mungkin terdapat banyak sisa karbon extractor dan kemudian pasang tabung tengah. Bullet tengah kemudian di tukar kepada Muffler Straight Flow untuk menambah pick up dan prestasi kenderaan anda.Ada juga antara sesetengah orang tukar dari extractor dan pasang tabung  bullet tengah kemudian tukar muffler straight flow.. biasa kedai ekzos kereta mengatakan performance lebih responsif dan lebih lancar.SAIZ RODA / SPORT RIMSaiz roda atau Sport Rim terlalu besarJika terlalu besar ia akan jadi terlalu berat dan akan memberi kesan kurang pick up. Sebabnya tayar sudah lebar dari biasa, daya geseran tayar dan permukaan jalan pun bertambah, itu puncanya permulaan prestasi bagi kenderaan anda menurun dan kereta anda akan rasa berat ketika dipandu, seterusnya menambah beban pada enjin anda dan juga akan lebih kuat menggunakan petrol, kesan paling ketara adalah ketika melalui jalan mendaki atau pun menaiki jalan tinggi / berbukitTEKANAN ANGIN TAYARTekanan udara tayar yang rendah - juga penyebab beban berlebihan atau mungkin juga pajajaran kereta tidak betul.. Walaupun faktor ini tampak remeh, ini juga menyebabkan kita terasa kereta agak berat ketika memanduOVERHAULUntuk kereta lemah dari segi prestasi (underpower) apabila usia kereta sudah masuk 7 tahun  elok sahaja bagi dibuat overhaul. Simptom-simptom enjin yang memerlukan top overhaul seperti asap putih jelaga atau mungkin juga enjin ada kebocoran gasket

Beautiful Cabin With Beautiful Kinabalu Mountain as Background...AMAZING!!

Beautiful Cabin With Beautiful Kinabalu Mountain as Background...AMAZING!!I have just found out about this accommodation in Sabah that looks like a place in New Zealand. I am referring to Marakau Cabin Lodge at Sabah which has Kinabalu Mountain as the background view. You don’t have to travel far to feel can feel it in Sabah!*Image credit to Marakau Cabin Lodge FacebookMarakau Cabin Lodge located at Marakau Village, Ranau Sabah. This accommodation is quite hidden and not many people know about this place. Day View*Image credit to Marakau Cabin Lodge Facebook*Image credit to Marakau Cabin Lodge Facebook*Image credit to Marakau Cabin Lodge Facebook*Image credit to Marakau Cabin Lodge FacebookYou can take amazing photos here as the background is Kinabalu Mountain which is so beautiful and spectacular. The cabin looks like the cabin in overseas. The environment is so countryside. But during the night, it is more awesome!*Image credit to Marakau Cabin Lodge Facebook*Image credit to Marakau Cabin Lodge Facebook*Image credit to Marakau Cabin Lodge Facebook*Image credit to Marakau Cabin Lodge Facebook*Image credit to Marakau Cabin Lodge Facebook*Image credit to Marakau Cabin Lodge FacebookI am sure you are surprise after looking at those pictures above. Nobody thought that this accommodation could exist. So, Marakau Cabin Lodge is your next destination for your holidays? It is going to be my next destination for sure! Don’t miss out this chance to explore this place. It may not have facilities or activities that you can do but if looking to release stress, Marakau Cabin Lodge will be the best choice.If you would like to book or ask for more info, you can call or whatapps to Mr Gilbert (019-8312232)Map location : Marakau VillageHow to travel to Marakau Village : : Marakau Cabin Lodge

Udang Galah Fresh

Kami pembekal udang galah segar saiz 15/18 untuk individu dan restoran. Untuk tempahan dan maklumat lanjut sila hubungi kami : Hasrul 013-321 6664 / 013-321 4691    

Top 10 amazing wedding venues in Malaysia!

Top 10 amazing wedding venues in Malaysia    Marriage is a lifetime event and a person normally tries to make this kind of event a memorable one. There are some beautiful wedding venues in Malaysia, where grand and gorgeous weddings takes place. Here is a list of 10 most popular wedding locations in Malaysia.   1. Jeff’s Cellar, The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat, Perak           Include a touch of enchantment and wonder to the most praised occasion of your life. Share love and bliss with your loved ones at the Open Deck that offers an amazing scenery of lavish artistry. Imagine having your wedding in a Paleozoic limestone cave. The Banjaran makes for unforgettable, warm destination weddings and nuptial celebrations.   Location : No. 1,Persiaran Lagun Sunway 3, 31150 Ipoh, Perak Darul Ridzuan, Malaysia Tel : 03-7495 1791   2. Avi Spa, Avillion Port Dickson           Famous for its romantic sunset beach wedding, Avillion Port Dickson has always been a popular wedding venue for young couples who enjoys a more casual outdoor setting to celebrate their big day.There's an unique floating glass house with a perfect blue sea backdrop, followed by a small, intimate lunch reception, and topped up with a complete full day spa for all your guests.   Location : 3rd Mile, Jalan Pantai, 71000 Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia Tel : 06 647 6688 Email:   3. Stratosphere, The Roof, One Utama, Petaling Jaya         As we know that the sky's the limit for everything. So, why not have you plan your wedding in the sky? Stratosphere is Asia’s first grassed rooftop bar, providing a 360-degree panoramic view of the Klang Valley, making it perfect for a garden typed wedding ceremony. With minimal decoration needed, Stratosphere catches each moment while blowing your mind.   Location : Sky level, 1 First Avenue, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya Tel : 019-735 3241 / 03-7726 1588   4. Pangkor Laut Resort         Pangkor Laut Resort is as unique as the natural beauty that surrounds and it is perfect for an exclusive wedding celebration. The aura of seclusion and exclusivity exuded by the island makes it the ideal place for an intimate wedding ceremony, whether you choose it to be only between you and your life partner or in the presence of the people closest to you. There are three types of wedding styles - SIGNATURE WEDDING AT SEA, PANGKOR LAUT BEACH WEDDING and LANTERN COURTYARD WEDDING.   Location : Pangkor Laut Resort, Pangkor Laut Island, 32200 Lumut, Perak, Malaysia Tel : 018-799 9000 Email :   5. KLCC Convention Center         KLCC Convention Center is the best place for a grand wedding in banquet style that seats 1000 to 1200 people. They have high-tech visual audio and stage lighting, and a splendid view of the Petronas Twin Towers and the KLCC Park   Location : Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Tel : 03-2333 2888   6. Tanjung Rhu Resort, Langkawi             This resort is the perfect choice if you fancy having your wedding ceremony in the midst of pristine green gardens with views of the beautiful ocean. Beachfront venues are also available here. Interestingly, the resort offers a variety of wedding celebration themes to suit your taste. You can choose “Our Blue Heaven” (Western weddings), “Sutra” (Indian Wedding), “Eternity Knot” (Chinese Wedding), and “Puteri-Putera” (Malay Wedding).   Location : Tanjung Rhu Resort, Mukim Ayer Hangat 07000 , Pulau Langkawi, Kedah Darulaman, Malaysia Tel : 04-959 1033   7. Pulai Spring Resort, Penang         Ideal venue for garden wedding style. The hall can host up to 110 tables. It is designed as an ancient Malay palace, making it the perfect place for you to have a wedding steeped in royalty with an authentic traditional Malay elegance. If you looking for Chinese cuisine, the resort houses an award-winning Chinese restaurant that boasts the grandeur of an imperial dining hall. There are total of 6 venues with varying sizes for you to choose the one that suits your event.   Location : Jalan Pontian Lama, 81110 Pulai, Johor Malaysia Tel : +607-521 2121 Email :   8. Villa Danieli, Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur         They ensures that your wedding celebration tailored to your specific request that will create a memorable moment that will last a lifetime. The experts will assist you from the beginning till the end and a selection of theme from a stylish Western wedding, a colourful Indian celebration, a traditional Chinese banquet or a grand Malay ceremony for you to choose from.   Location : Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, 50250 Malaysia Tel : 03-2717 9900 Email :   9. Lone Pine Hotel Penang             It makes the perfect wedding venue if you favor a garden wedding ceremony set in a scene of comforting tall trees with a view of the beach. Over here, you are given the option of a sunset reception. The hotel can even arrange for fireworks on request.   Location : 97, Batu Ferringhi, 11100 Penang, Malaysia Tel : 04-886 8686 Email :   10. Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur         Five-star Mandarin Oriental Hotel, located in the heart of KL (adjacent to the Petronas Twin Towers) is one of the most luxurious wedding venues in town. Recently it has been renovated and now its more bigger and larger than before that can fit more than 1800 people. With two ballrooms and 16 function rooms, including the largest pillarless ballroom in the city, it provides all the necessities for a lavish wedding.   Location : Jalan Pinang, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Tel : 03-2380 8888

The Top 7 Online Shopping Sites In Malaysia

The Top 7 Online Shopping Sites In Malaysia Some people said, If you have not purchase anything online then you are not one of the 21st century people, Lol. Best and better approach to shopping without meeting hassle things. And now online shopping business is growing rapidly all over the world.   There are plenty of shopping websites available in Malaysia, I've draft some of the most popular one around Malaysia based on their ranking.   1.     Alexa Global Rank : 104,959 Rank in Malaysia : 1,082 Facebook Likes : 289,885+ is a Malaysian online shopping portal where it carries goods from books to fashion to accessories to household goods. It guarantees the LOWEST PRICE in town, and all their products are protected by their Low Price Guarantee. If you have made a purchase and found it cheaper at another website, will match the price, or refund you the difference.   Example of products are Men Bags, Woman Bags, Men Shoes, Women Shoes, Men Clothings, Women Clothings, Baby Item, Beauty items and more.   2.     Alexa Global Rank : 1,942 Rank in Malaysia : 8 Facebook Likes : 12,780,353+   Lazada is the number 1 shopping destination in Southeast Asia. It is very safe to shopping for people who want a secure, reliable and effortless shopping experience. Get the best deals through their official mobile apps and websites anytime, anywhere, and enjoy multiple payment options including cash-on-delivery, extensive customer care, and Buyer Protection. Not only in Malaysia, their website is well known at countries like China, India, Singapore, China and Philippines.   Example of products are mobiles and tablets, computers and laptops, consumer electronics, cameras, home appliances and more over.   3.     Alexa Global Rank : 10,655 Rank in Malaysia : 75 Facebook Likes : 6,429,340+   Zalora is one of the leading online fashion destination in Malaysia. Plus, they also the largest and fastest growing fashion =focused e-commerce site in Southeast Asia. For now Zalora are available at Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia & Brunei, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Hong Kong. Zalora is a tough competitor for Lazada.   If it was your first visit to their website, they will be assisting you through the shop step by step to complete the purchase quick and easily. They do provide 'flash shipping' that means ship out orders on the same day. You will be finding popular brands like Nike, River Land, New Look and etc.   4.     Alexa Global Rank : 25,795 Rank in Malaysia : 198   Facebook Likes : 188,696+   Rakuten is the world’s third largest e-commerce company. Rakuten started out by launching a pioneering e-commerce platform, Rakuten Ichiba (the largest online shopping mall in Japan with over 39,000 merchants), in Japan that utilizes a business-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C) model. This is a unique model that brings the best of both worlds to merchants and customers. You’re not actually buying from them but from the merchants that have set up shop on their platform   5.     Alexa Global Rank : 94,087 Rank in Malaysia :  642 Facebook Likes : 25,149+ is an online shopping mall in Malaysia where you can buy a vast range of products at very competitive rates. The website also offers thousands of product reviews which users can read before buying a product on the website.   They offer electronic products such as computers, cameras and laptops as well as phones and tablets to its users. Other popular categories of products include Arts & Collectibles, Books, Automotive & Industrial, Flowers & Hampers, Sports & Outdoors and Toys & Games among many others.   6.     Alexa Global Rank : 24,885 Rank in Malaysia : 192 Facebook Likes : 343,175+   Ensogo is one of the top e-commerce platforms in Malaysia, which offers crazy discounts on selected items and services. To ensure the customers enjoy a superior shopping experience, Ensogo handpick offerings and work only with highly reputable, selected merchants and brands. Today they have millions of customers throughout Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.   7.     Alexa Global Rank : 121,730 Rank in Malaysia : 768 Facebook Likes : 209,101+   GO SHOP is Astro’s first foray into the e-commerce domain, enabling Malaysians to shop anytime, anywhere 24/7 via any mobile, tablet and PC of their choice.   GO SHOP is an entertaining 24 hour lifestyle shopping destination where products and services are demonstrated, promoted and sold on multiple platforms including Astro TV, Astro On The Go, online e-commerce and mobile commerce, offering an anytime-anywhere retail experience.  

"Vertu Signature Touch for Bentley" Smartphone Price Is RM 44,436 ONLYYY!!!

"Vertu Signature Touch for Bentley" Smartphone Price Is RM 44,436 ONLYYY!!!Did you have heard a phone that cost to this price? But Vertu has done it. This time they  launched a new phone with corporation with Bentley that cost SGD 14,500 which is around RM 44,436. I know readers are curious what’s so special about this phone. Read below for more ..The phone is dubbed as “New Signature Touch for Bentley”  has 3D Bentley logos. The screen of the phone is covered with sapphire crystal while users have the flexibility to choose the different leather colors on their phone. The phone features two-tone Beluga and Hotspur Bentley leather. It also comes pre installed with a special Bentley App where exclusive Bentley content such as VIP invites and events will be delivered to the phone owner.But now they have successfully make it to functioning on Android. Previously, this phone can only functions to calls and messages only. So now they have upgraded it, and for sure the price also upgraded as well.Vertu Signature Touch for Bentley comes with5.2 inch Full HD displayQualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor4GB RAM and 64GB storage2.1 MP front camera and  21 MP rear camera.3,160 mAh battery (roughly 21 hours of talk time and 520 hours of standby time)Bentley and Vertu has been partnering for five years while this is the third phone released and the first smartphone from the partnership. The phone is now on the market and available for orders (link is below)Are you ready to spend RM 44,436 for a phone ? Make online orders here:
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