Tadom Hill Resorts ~ Diving into Fresh River
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Tadom Hill Resorts ~ Diving into Fresh River


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Area: Selangor-Banting
Address: Kampung Labohan Dagang, Banting, Selangor
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  • Price: 240.00
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  • Contact Person: Manager
  • Contact Phone: 017-5225306
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Tadom Hill Resorts ~ Diving into Fresh River


Tadom Hill Resorts ~ Diving into Fresh River



For those of you who love outdoor activities like leisure activities and places that are far from urban areas, you can visit Tadom Hill Resort, which may make you feel very excited and will be satisfied!


Tadom Hill Resort is located in Banting, Selangor has almost 40 acres in the area and there are limestone hills, lakes and many kinds of trees.


Around Tadom Hill Resorts, there are 2 resorts under the Tadom Base Camp (campsite / dorms) and Tadom Bamboo Village (premium chalets) .To make a difference, this resort hotel built with almost structure built with bamboo!






Located just 12 minutes from the airport and 45 minutes from Kuala Lumpur city, Tadom Hill Resorts is a camping and recreation area that should you go the more so for those who like to enjoy the beauty of nature.


The main area Tadom Hill Resort is known as Tadom Groove. In addition, there are various offerings made by langsung.Terdapat also man-made beach by the lake blue and bistro to enjoy the cozy atmosphere here.




Various facilities are available here, especially for those who love diving because there is a platform for diving, lounge chairs (lexies) that can float, Tarzan swings and so on. Currently there are three types of packages where you'll be offered the Tadom Hammock Sphere, Tadom Tent Sites, Vip Bamboo Hut. Before you go, the better to contact them in advance to make a reservation because there will always full.Here you can also do some adventurous and challenging activities, namely in Tadom Base. 4 zones are available for those who want to challenge the mental and physical endurance!







They offer activities that are comfortable, fun, and mencabar.Antara activities you can do is Zorb balls, bamboo rafts, stand-up-paddle, rock climbing, zip lining and much more awaits anda.Difahamkan this area Tadom Hill Resorts developed with the help of the local Aboriginal people who specialize in making something using forest products.




Tadom Hill Resorts is still the way to full completion. Tadom Base Camp is expected to be partially operational by July and will be fully operational in October. Tadom Groove may be completed by the end of 2015, while the Bamboo Village Tadom expected to be operational in about June 2016.


Packages & Pricing :


Tents: RM240.00 for 2 pax or RM140.00 for 1 pax

Specially designed tents for a chic camping experience under the stars.


Hammocks: RM135 for 1 pax

Parachute material hammocks and sleeping bags are provided.


Day-Groovers: RM90 for 1 pax

All packages will be provided dinner and breakfast.


For reservations please send an email to info@tadomhillresorts.com or PM them or contact 017 522 5306 during weekdays (9.30am - 5.30pm).


Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/tadomhill

Website : http://www.tadomhillresorts.com/

Address :  Tadom Hill Resorts, Banting

Telefon No. : 017-5225306

Email : info@tadomhillresorts.com



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