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About Sini

Welcome to "SINI", Malaysia's leading "Local Lifestyle Services & Information Platform", the only platform which provides "genuine consumer reviews".

"SINI" should not be strange for Malaysians; it means "Here".

We aim to shorten the distance between merchandisers and consumers through SINI via establishing a realistic and independent information publishing platform, and to provide consumers with full range of "local, free, real and efficient" classified information. You can always look for what you need around your current location. At the same time, the merchandisers are able to deliver their information to targeted consumers. Everyone is the creator and the beneficiary at SINI.

In order to build an extraordinary website, we have introduced internet concepts adopted from successful examples in other countries through joint development with international web engineer team, combined to include the local market and user habits. At early 2013, we have begun the preparation for setting up "SINI". We kick-started the work on the design, development and data collection. After more than 10 months of research and development, SINI website is officially established on 01 January 2015. The free information flow in SINI allows merchandisers and consumers to convey information with each other more effectively, faster and easier.

We are commited to understand the needs of the consumers and merchandisers more deeply in order to improve the functionality and features of SINI to create greater value for everyone. This is how SINI benefits people. Meanwhile, we continue to strive for improvement in the technology, platform and other services in the vision of building a secure, transparent, fair, honest and open platform in Malaysia.

Our Vision - Facilitate Malaysia through Internet

Our Mission - Click "SINI" to lead a new way of life

Our Position - “NET”ing each other

Our Values - Innovation, Sharing, Cooperation and "Win-Win"

Our Commitment - All you need is “SINI”!